‘Superman: Lois and Clark. Arrival’ is the comic you have to read before seeing ‘Superman & Lois’

The Man of Steel is back and that’s great news. It seemed like a science fiction tale when CW, the channel that hosts the Arrowverso series, announced a Superman series, played by actor Tyler Hoechlin. The most staunch followers of the hero clamored for the return of Brandon Routh, the person responsible for giving him life in Superman Returnspraised by all, after seeing him dressed in the mythical costume of Kingdom Comethe comic by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, for the television event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The first episode, which is already available on HBO Spain, starts with a reference to the first cover of Action Comics in which the superhero appeared, combined with the aesthetics of the animated series by Max Fleischer. The scene is wonderful from beginning to end, both for the presence that Tyler Hoechlin manages to have on screen, and for the use of the suit and the lines that Superman says. Who was going to say it.

Impressions of ‘Superman & Lois’

But the cover of that mythical number is not the only comic base that we see in the series, far from it, above all, because much of what we witness has its raison d’être in a much more modern story, such as Superman: Lois and Clark. The arrival. That title, signed by a renewed Dan Jurgens, It leads us directly to the television series from the 90s, it connects us with this new proposal starring Tyler Hoechlin, but it also puts us face to face with that more classic, positive and light-filled Superman.

Superman’s visual appearance

We must also highlight the action scenes, very well done, with clear aesthetic reminiscences of Zack Snyder’s movies. The descent on the nuclear plant with the gigantic ice cube and the fight against that mysterious Lex Luthor, in full space, are to take off your hat. The vast majority had no expectations with Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, who complements very well with the actress Bitsie Tulloch, the one in charge of giving life to a solid Lois. In general, the couple gives a compact and united image. On the other hand, Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin, the children of Superman and Lois, whose roles seemed to presage a series of adolescent drama, play the distraction, expanding, with lights and shadows, the great mythology of the Man of Steel. In any case, it is still early to claim victory, but the truth is that, despite raising many suspicions, Superman & Lois It works, thanks, in large part, to the interpretation of Tyler Hoechlin, where, yes, Clark shines, perhaps, above Superman.

Dan Jurgens was in charge of bringing Superman back, given the little packaging of the previous one, brought to renew the Man of Steel in the new 52. Superman: Lois and Clark. The arrival recovers the optimistic and luminous hero, along with Lois and little Jon. The reintegration of Superman with his family is still a great success by DC, necessary for readers to recognize his character, after years of wandering through his own wilderness.

The story is about family, Jon’s growth, Superman’s role as a hero, his relationship with Lois and an espionage plot that turns the Kents’ busy lives upside down. Superman: Lois and Clark. The arrival it replaces the usual Superman, the greatest symbol of hope for the DC universe.

Three fundamental ideas are extracted from the comic, which Superman and Lois replica:

1. Superman comes from another universe

If in the comic Superman and Lois are the survivors of the universe prior to the restart of the New 52in the CW series it is Superman and Lois who come from a new universe, after the television event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

2. The important thing is the family

The familiar tone that Dan Jurgens prints is also reflected in the series. Jon takes center stage in the comic, while Jordan and Jonathan do so in Superman and Lois.

3. Krypton’s inheritance

In both one case and the other, Superman’s children discover the identity of their father and the power of their lineage.

Superman: Lois and Clark. The arrival

Jordan and Jonathan Kent

The matter of the children of Superman, in the plural, is something that has a tail, even more so with the long history that the CW has. However, the brothers work better than expected and complement each other, although their plot does not stop causing a general downturn. And yes, in Superman: Lois and Clark. The arrival, Jon played with Superman and Flash figures; in Superman & LoisJordan leaves his hands playing injustice, the video game that brings a corrupted version of Superman. Those details make us smile.

Superman: Lois and Clark. The arrival

Hopefully this first chapter is the start of a great Superman series. Those of us who enjoy the character clamor for the return of Henry Cavill, but, for now, we are content with Tyler Hoechlin, who takes the upper hand, and positions himself as a great Superman for the small screen.

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‘Superman: Lois and Clark. Arrival’ is the comic you have to read before seeing ‘Superman & Lois’

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