Superman Rightly Mocks Batman’s Most Embarrassing Tool

Over the years we’ve seen different Batman tools in the comics, but thanks to Superman we’ve discovered the most embarrassing one.


There are pairs of characters they will never stop working inside bullets and they generate the most amusing situations for the readers. As is often said, Opposites attract and in the case of superheroes it works in a similar way when it comes to teaming up. collect characters from the most different from each other generates a lot of interestsince they complement each other and sometimes bring out the best and the worst in others.

In short, joining similar characters makes for very attractive results, although we are not talking about combinations of powers, but about pairs of characters. Today we have to bring to the fore one of The most beloved couples by DC Comics readers: Superman and Batman. Since they have formed a team, they have always been classified as one of the strongest couples of all, but They have also left us some of the funniest moments.

One of the Batman’s main features are his tools. No matter what time or situation you find yourself in, you are always able to use the right tool to get out of trouble. This has generated a lot of jokes between fans with the possible tools that you can have on your belt, generating debate about the most ridiculous. It seems that Superman knows one of the most embarrassing has the dark knight and has used it to his advantage to laugh at Batman recently in the comics.

The jokes between Superman and Batman reach the Nightwing series

It might seem that the joke in question would have a place within the typical shared series between these two characters, but it would have appeared in a flashback that they wanted to show us in the regular Nightwing series. In this way, and establishing the situation, Clark asked Dick to take care of his son and guide him in case he was not, since he was squarely in a greater threat with Authority. However, through this issue of Nightwing the first meeting that Jon had with Dick has been seen, in addition to their respective companions.

for one night in which Jon was lost while flying, it was Batman and Nightwing who found him first. There is a moment where Nightwing and Jon are entertaining each other and the two great heroes have a little conversationshowing what would be one of the simplest tools that can have batman on belt: lollipops.


basically bruce He keeps a compartment on his belt to carry lollipops. and help children who have suffered in any of the cases. It is a tool that tries to help children or victims of some of the cases he tries to solvebut they are very close to the smoke bombs, Superman even mentioning that he be careful to not to throw a lollipop at some villain by mistake.

Batman lollipop? Very few would imagine that

Over the years we have been able to see how the hooded man from Gotham he used in his favor infinity of tools to defeat the villains or to solve their cases. However, this type of more emotional situation has not been seen as much, since Batman has always been painted as an incredibly cold character and not at all showing his feelings more internal. With this fact, we can see that Bruce Wayne also has a heart and knows what a child who has just experienced a traumatic moment goes through.

On the other hand, Superman has always been quite contrary, showing at all times his most jovial part and his feelings. This mix so contrary has been what has generated its great success for the series of the two, like all the presences they make in DC comics like this in the Nightwing series. There is no doubt that they will surely leave us with more fun moments like this, in addition to all the ones we already have, is there one in particular that you have saved and you want to share it?


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Superman Rightly Mocks Batman’s Most Embarrassing Tool

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