Superman vs. Black Adam: 4 Key Matchups From These DC Comics Characters

There are many rumors that there will be a moment of Superman against Black Adam in the new DC Comics movie and here we leave you some of these confrontations

Fights between Superman and Black Adam in DC Comics

A time is drawing near seems to be key to DC Comics in the movies, since the Black Adam movie is just around the corner and they have treated everything that has to do with it with great care. Such is the impact that the tape is having that does not stop coming out rumors related to everything that can comebeing one of the strongest of all the fact that Superman can have a place and that later be key to other deliveries.

There is nothing missing to be able to enjoy this movie in theatersbut because of all the rumours, we want to review the confrontation between these two characters, since have not always maintained a close relationship. You have to keep in mind that Black Adam was a Shazam villain and the fact that he was facing another hero was for some greater reason, but today we review some confrontations against the last son of Krypton.

Superman vs. Black Adam in the comics

A misunderstanding in Metropolis

Going to Action Comics, more specifically to number 831, you could see how Superman and Black Adam faced each other due to a misunderstanding on the part of the town hero, as the villainous Doctor Psycho was involved. this villain was hypnotizing people and Adam came sent by Luthor to stop him. When Superman lov e lunges for him, but it would not be until Lois Lane stops them that they realize that they are fighting for the same purposesomething that would make it clear that their powers were on par, since neither trembled in this confrontation.

Superman vs. Black Adam

There are no two without three and Shazam was missing from the equation

standing by the All-New Collectors Edition seriesthe character of Black Adam managed to face both the hero of Krypton and the great hero that Billy Batson becomes, so that a great fight of titans was seen. All this was due to the comic story where Adam joined Karmang and managed to face these two heroes who later they would team up and face off against the villain. This was a situation that some fans have eagerly sought, as it means a very important moment.

Superman vs. Black Adam

Becoming a threat from another universe

this villain it’s not going to be solely in the main DC universe, but has sometimes been seen coming from others to carry out his misdeeds towards our most beloved heroes. Going to DC Comics Presents, Adam was seen going to the Earth 1 universe from Earth S, declaring the goal of conquering this planet. For this story we see Shazam and the Man of Steel again dealing with this villain together, being the first meeting of this trio of characters. It was through this encounter that the intersection between the big three characters for the first time and it was seen all the power that the three could display.

Superman vs. Black Adam

Within the universe of DC Comics zombies are not spared

we want to finish this list of confrontations with one that has to do in one of the most modern series of all these. We are talking about the story that Tom Taylor brought us and that would plunge the entire DC universe into a dystopian situation. We talk about DCsos, a universe where a virus began to emerge that turned the characters into zombies and where Superman had two confrontations against Black Adam, in both the man of steel would be victorious and stop an infected individual trying to wreak havoc, leaving him disabled in the end.

Superman vs. Black Adam

Will we see these DC Comics characters in the movies like this?

The thing is that everything suggests that at some point we will have the opportunity to see these two heroes on the big screen, due to everything that is being talked about on this topic and to the fact that it seems that Henry Cavill is in talks with Warner. However, we still cannot confirm anything until we see it with our own eyes, but what was announced for this new film and what was seen in DC Superpets League, the truth is that it leaves a good feeling.

While we’re waiting for this becomes effective we can review this type of situation in the comics, since we have no other means to be able to see it beyond that. One way or another it seems that the DC universe in the cinema is taking another form and we do not know if it represents a new, more optimistic point of view, But hope is the last thing you lose. What do you think about seeing this in the cinema?

Superman vs. Black Adam

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Superman vs. Black Adam: 4 Key Matchups From These DC Comics Characters

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