Superman will return to Earth stronger than ever for a crossover with his son’s series, Son of Kal-El.

Superman will be the center of the upcoming six-part crossover between Action Comics and Son of Kal-El

DC announced that Superman will star in a six-issue crossover, “Kal-El Returns”which will be developed on the pages of Action Comics #1047-1049 Y Son of Kal-El #16-18 by writer Tom Taylor. But before, the Warworld Saga will conclude in a new one-shot, Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1which will be released in August and is in charge of the writer Philip Kennedy Johnsonthe artists Brandon Peterson Y Will Conradthe cover artist Steve Beach and variant cover artists Mario «Fox» Foccillo Y Mikel Janin.

“Everything has led to this: the final battle between Superman and Mongul, and between the Authority and Mongul’s Undone Champions!” DC commented on the one-shot. “The identity of the cloaked stranger has been revealed, uncovering a shocking betrayal that threatens to crush Superman’s rebellion forever. But since the fate of Warworld depends on Superman, the last chance to give him back his powers now falls to Natasha and John Henry Irons

«Warworld Apocalypse it’s everything we’ve been building on with Warworld Saga, with the final battle between Superman and Mongul, between the Authority and the Undone, and the long-awaited reveal of the true mastermind in the shadows.” Johnson pointed out. “There are some downright shocking moments in this issue, and some major reveals that will have lasting repercussions on the DC Universe

The Man of Steel returns to Earth for Kal-El Returns, the new DC Comics

Kal-El Returns story will see the hero return to Earth more powerful than ever. Next, we present the information provided by DC about the event.

“While he and steel join forces to remake Metropolis as a true City of Tomorrow, two of Superman’s most iconic villains take notice…and have plans of their own. Meanwhile, Superman’s meddling in Warworld has had unforeseen consequences: has awakened an enemy so ancient and powerful that even this strongest-than-ever Superman will need the entire Superfamily to face him.. Introducing new characters and beginning this new chapter in the Superman mythology, don’t miss the start of the countdown to Action Comics #1050!«

Johnson further commented that “Kal-El Returns” will see the return of an iconic Man of Steel foe: metallo. “What we did for Mongul in the Warworld Saga, we’re doing for Metallo in Kal-El Returns.”

The artist continued: «Metallo might be my favorite Superman villain, and I think he’s often overlooked in place of more godlike characters like Mongul or Darkseid. There’s a really scary, complex, interesting version of him that I’ve wanted to show readers for a long time. His origins, his motivations, and his power set are overdue for a deep update, and we are ready to give readers a Metallo worthy of Superman. Stay tuned for the strongest and scariest Metallo you’ve ever seen.”

Warworld Apocalypse #1 will be released on August 30. “Kal-El Returns” opens with Action Comics #1047 by Johnson, David Lapham, Steve Beach, Nathan Szerdy, Lucio Parrillo and Leirix. The issue is published on September 27.

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Superman will return to Earth stronger than ever for a crossover with his son’s series, Son of Kal-El.

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