Superman’s 10 Strongest Feats In Comics, Ranked

“Jumping tall buildings in a single bound,” “faster than bullets,” “more powerful than locomotives” are feats of strength, speed, and endurance that might have seemed impressive in 1938, when Action Comics hit the newsstands. However, as the stories in comics grew, so did the acts of heroism. As a result, Superman had to perform even greater feats to measure up.

As DC Comics entered its Silver Age in the 1960s, comic book stories veered headlong into science fiction. With Barry Allen and the Green Lantern Corps, time and space were explored. Consequently, Superman was involved in adventures that spanned new worlds and even new universes. As the premises grew in scale, Superman’s own strength seemed to grow in response to each new challenge, reaching immeasurable (and sometimes ridiculous) levels of power.

10 That Hold 200 Quintillion Tons In All-Star Superman

all star supermanby Grant Morrison, is considered one of the best Superman stories in comics for its careful handling of Superman mythology. Superman. The collection of interlocking stories acts as a love letter to Superman and his supporting characters.

In one of the stories, after Superman is exposed to excessive amounts of energy from the sun, his powers temporarily increase. Testing the new limits of his powers, he is able to lift the equivalent of 200 quintillion (200 billion million) tons above his head with one hand.

9 Lift the weight equivalent to that of the Earth for 5 days1650517852 286 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

During the relaunch of the New 52 line, every major DC character and book went back to their origins in one form or another. Canon stories were altered – some for the better and some for the worse – and Superman especially suffered during the New 52 era.

What did not diminish was his power. Although he wasn’t as powerful as his Silver Age counterpart, the New 52 Superman did perform some incredible feats. While he trained with advanced machinery in Superman #13, Superman was able to lift the equivalent weight of the Earth for five days straight, breaking down just a single drop of sweat.

8 Removal Of The Overlord’s Staff From The Fountain Wall1650517852 483 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

In DC Comics, the Source Wall acts as a barrier that surrounds the universe. Many have attempted to breach its walls and discover the other side, only to be trapped within the wall itself, making it appear as countless giants and cosmic beings stitched together.

In number 41 of Superman/Batman, Superman combines his heat vision and strength to rip Highfather’s staff out of the wall. It’s a remarkable feat that happens in just a few panels. Getting something out of the Wall of Sources is next to impossible. There have only been a few occasions where someone has been able to pull objects or other beings out of it.

7 Dragging A Galaxy Of Worlds As Superboy1650517852 533 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

Most media outlets imply that Clark’s powers increase with age, meaning that the teenage Superman wouldn’t be able to do as many things as the adult Superman. The Silver Age was not as strict with these types of guidelines. As a result, they represented Superboy with a strength that surpassed that of his adult counterpart.

In Superboy #140, the Boy of Steel meets a ruthless gambler. That is the bulk of the story. However, the first two pages show Superboy saving a galaxy of planets. He drags them to a new galaxy with new suns on the other side of the universe by pulling them in a row with big chains.

6 The Super Sneeze That Destroyed A Solar System1650517853 185 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

As the Silver Age of DC Comics began, Superman stories seemed to take him further and further from Earth and into the realms of science fiction. Mr. Mxyzptlk is chaos incarnate, and in issue #273 of Action Comics From 1961, Mxyzptlk returns to wreak havoc on Superman’s life.

During this particular series of pranks, Superman is exposed to a powder that causes him to sneeze uncontrollably. Fearing for the lives of everyone around him, Superman flees to an uninhabited solar system to unleash his powerful sneezes, which are capable of destroying entire solar systems. The amount of force a sneeze produces calls into question the normalcy of Clark Kent’s everyday life.

5 Lifting infinite weight and mass on two occasions1650517853 481 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

On two separate occasions, Superman was forced to lift what was described as infinite weight or mass. The first was in JLA/The Spectre: Soul War. When Specter’s unconscious body falls over, Superman and Wonder Woman struggle to keep it afloat because it is said that his body contains eternity itself.

The second arrives in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond. Superman and Captain Marvel lift the Book of Eternity, a book said to have infinite pages and therefore infinite weight. Both times, Superman had help, but whenever the word infinity is used, things immediately escalate.

4 punches that can break universal barriers1650517853 118 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

Superman is, of course, one of the strongest mortal beings in the DC Comics universe. The exact degree of strength is always up for debate and is constantly changing. On two occasions, in Infinite Crisis, the Superman of Earth-2 broke the barriers of the universes.

Near the beginning of the story, Superman escapes from a pocket universe in which he and his companions have existed since. Crisis on Infinite Earths , breaking down the universal barrier, blow by blow. Later, when the supermen of Earth 1 and 2 fight, their own punches shatter the walls of reality, launching them across their two worlds.

3 Fly to the sun and move it1650517854 521 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

Published in 1958, number 33 of Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen documents the villainous Jack Frost, who wreaks havoc with his freezing powers. Superman’s solution? Bring the sun closer to Earth to help nullify Frost.

Ignoring the obviously catastrophic consequences of bringing the sun closer, the act itself requires immeasurable strength and endurance from the Man of Steel, who has to withstand the temperature of the sun’s core (some 27 million degrees Fahrenheit). In the comic it is even stated that Superman can withstand temperatures of up to 50 million degrees, so the heat of the sun poses little threat.

2 The power of a black hole in the palm of your hand1650517854 5 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

It’s hard to imagine Superman battling Earth villains when he’s also pulling off incredible feats like the one he did in JLA #77.

The Atom discovers a device containing a small black hole. After destroying the device, Superman must hold the black hole in his hands until he is able to fly into space and launch it away from the planet. A black hole, of any size, contains such a density of mass that this act alone could be the basis of an entire story. However, here it is presented somewhat casually.

1 “Superman Bursts The Bonds Of Infinity Himself!”1650517854 765 Supermans 10 Strongest Feats In Comics Ranked.webp

DC Comics Presents #29 is a strange and wild story, oozing with that Silver Age flair and charm. After Supergirl’s unconscious body is flung into space, Superman gives chase. Several pages show the Man of Steel traveling through space, picking up speed and crossing thresholds until he literally shatters time and space.

One narrative line, “Superman breaks the bonds of infinity!”, shows how fast and powerful he is, showing how little the Silver Age cared about consistency or how giving its main hero this kind of power would have ramifications in future stories. However, it’s an incredible infinity-shattering feat that hasn’t been repeated since.

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Superman’s 10 Strongest Feats In Comics, Ranked

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