Superman’s first villain wasn’t Lex Luthor or Zod, but someone less well known

Before meeting his characteristic antagonists, Superman fought another villain who hasn’t aged so well.

Making his first appearance in 1938 in the Action Comics #1, Superman He is considered the first superhero in history. Since then they have passed 84 years and during all this time the well-known hero of DC Comics Has had a villains list quite extensive, some of them well known as lex luthor, Brainiac or the General Zodbut others not as recognizable as the first real villain faced by the Last Son of Krypton.

Who was the first Superman villain?

Although not as well known as other great villains, the first villain he dealt with Superman was the one known as Ultra-Humanity in Action Comics #13 of jerry siegel and Joe Shuster. Actually yes Superman is the first superhero of all, it makes sense that Ultra-Humanity holds the title of being the first super villain to appear in comics. The character was designed to be the absolute antithesis of Kal-Ela mad scientist with an extremely superior intellect.

The Origin of Ultra-Humanity It is somewhat mysterious since the subject was not delved too deeply, but it is known that he obtained this great intellect through a weird science experiment. His objective, of course, was to dominate the world and he had to do with the great defender of the planet when the man of steel arrested a mobster from the city. When trying to stop him, the mobster escaped and sought refuge in a remote hideout, but when the man of steel managed to find him also discovered Ultra-Humanitywhich knocked the superhero unconscious by electrocuting him.

Ultra-Humanity Superman

Superman vs. Ultra-Humanity

This first meeting did not work out. satisfying for the villains, who tried to kill Superman with the classic maneuver of the circular saw but upon reaching his indestructible skin it breaks and a fragment kills the mobster who was trying to help the super villain. Ultra-Humanity flee the scene but the man of steel and he would meet numerous times later. In one of his attempts to dominate the world both would fight in the lair of Ultra-Humanitythat when he saw the superhero arrive he tried to shoot him, however he uses his super speed to put the villain between him and the explosion, which ends up killing him.

However in the vignettes death is nothing more than a mere formalityY Ultra-Humanity would return numerous times later transferring his brain into other bodies or beings to try to defeat Superman once and for all. Later the villain was replaced by Lex Luthorwhich started out bearing a strong resemblance to its predecessor but gradually grew more distant and complex. Ultra-Humanity he made few appearances thereafter, although he has had numerous versions and reboots. Finally the character went from being a villain of Superman to be of the Justice Society of America.

Ultra-Humanity Superman

Although he holds the title of being the first super villain in comics and Superman, Ultra-Humanity has not withstood the passage of time and over the years the character has been losing relevance and becoming more and more unknown.

He has been seen in some specific appearances and the comics have tried to give him a little extra background to learn more about the character, but in the end he has not been able to leave a mark on the legacy of Superman and has slowly faded into oblivion. Despite this fate, you should never rule out the idea of ​​being able to see him in a series or movie project, even he would have been a good first villain for the TV series. superman and lois which produces CW.

Did you know before Ultra-Humanity?

DC Superman Ultra-Humanite

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Superman’s first villain wasn’t Lex Luthor or Zod, but someone less well known

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