Superman’s greatest weakness is revealed by Grant Morrison, and it’s not kryptonite

According to Grant Morrison, one of the most acclaimed Superman writers, the Man of Steel has a weakness that has tortured him even more than kryptonite.

Grant Morrison believes that the Man of Steel has a weakness even greater than kryptonite: writing. Morrison is arguably best known for penning one of the most important adventures in the character’s recent history, all star superman. Likewise, Morrison helped in the creation of various stories of the Justice Leagueas well as The Multiversitywhere they created the character of Calvin Ellis Superman. In addition, the writer created the limited series Superman and The Authority.

Superman and The Authority has been praised for bringing the character back to her core values, and Morrison took a more classic approach to writing the character. Clark Kent. It was not long ago that Morrison spoke in detail about what DC wanted the character to be written as an overbearing villain, similar to how he has been portrayed in injustice. With the feeling that the Iron Manbeing a tyrant, goes against everything the character stands for, Morrison refused.

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Superman’s biggest weakness according to Grant Morrison

In a recent Substack post, Grant Morrison details DC’s plans, but more in the context of Superman’s biggest weaknessand he’s not talking about kryptonite. Morrison assures that the greatest weakness of the hero is that he cannot resist the will of the writer. and must do as he is told (these thoughts have been paraphrased and not quoted, per a request in Morrison’s original blog post). The same can be said for every fictional character and it speaks to what is a persistent flaw that sets the character back in whatever medium he appears in.


The idea of ​​an evil Man of Steel was at one point an interesting portrayal of the character that has now become a cliché. Ironically, the evil Superman has had as much criticism as the classic Superman, the latter came to be criticized for being boring and too perfect. All this change caused the new approach to backfire.

Grant Morrison’s Opinion On Superman’s Vulnerability Shows How Difficult The Man Of Steel Is To Write

It’s interesting to see Morrison’s point of view on “what to write” can be the DC hero’s greatest enemy at times. Making the Man of Steel a tyrannical villain contradicts what fans know about the character and goes against the larger overall symbol of what he stands for.. Grant Morrison understands better than anyone that the character succumbing to the whims of a writer represents a greater danger than Kryptonite.

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Superman’s greatest weakness is revealed by Grant Morrison, and it’s not kryptonite

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