Superman’s origin gets a lot more sense with the ending of World of Krypton

With the end of World of Krypton, DC Comics has managed to turn Superman’s origin around and make more sense of it.

DC Comics - Superman

There are many stories that readers have taken for granted without asking questions. They have always been conceived like this and time has only been completing something more than what was already there, without clarifying some key conceptsand. The origins of our favorite comic book characters often have this situation as it is explained to the they start to appear and then brush strokes are given. For today we have to focus on one of the great superheroes of all time, since has seen redefined some concepts of its origin.

We’ll have to move to the publishing house of DC Comicsplace where a large number of superheroes have been born having to talk about the favorite superhero, who has served as the inspiration for many. We are talking about Superman, an alien who came to Earth and acquired his powers because the situations of this planet raised it that way, but what if everything had a different explanation than this? Featuring the World of Krypton series from the publisher They wanted to clarify things a little more.

The end of the series that tries to tell us the last days of Krypton already has arrived with its sixth number and analyzing it we have found some interesting details. Needless to say we’re going to try some spoilers taking place in this issue, so if you haven’t read it and want to get on with it, it’s time for you to stop reading. If you are one of those who do not mind spoilers or have already read it, go ahead and share with us your sensations of this redefinition of something so classic.

The World of Krypton series takes a new approach to the origin of Superman

Since ever we have had a conception of the character of Superman, focusing on the fact that it is about an alien who was sent from his home planet because it was being destroyed and his parents wanted to save him. On the way he stayed through space traveling in search of a planet where he could be he found Earth, where he would make the most of his alien constitution. However, it seems that the latter is not quite so.

through the last issue of the World of Krypton series it has been seen that the parents of our hero they planned to send him to Earth. At the moment when the planet of Krypton is in full destruction, it is Lara who is in charge of selecting the destination that your child will have. Basically he chooses a planet where there will be good conditions for his son to live, without mentioning her name yet. However, in the moment you see a 3D mapping it is clearly observed that it is the Earth, having always intended for superman to end there.

DC Comics - Superman

Thanks to this limited series on the last days of planet krypton we are able to know many details that we did not know about it. Through its chapters we have been able to see the relationship that existed between Jor-El and Zod, in a way that makes us question ourselves and see with different eyes the rivalry that could be seen. Not only this, but we have been able live the birth of Kara and with it some ins and outs of Kryptonian society. In one way or another it has completed much more the origin of the character, something that is greatly appreciated.

The history of Superman in the most complete way possible

So are the things, we leave aside the possible spoilers within the series of World of Krypton to break a spear in his favor. It may not be the series with the most superhero touches of all, but these types of stories are necessary to be able to understand the great that can become a character and everything that can be behind it. Knowing all these ins and outs of the past of our favorite characters have just making them much richer in their historysomething that many should learn.

World of Krypton already is complete for sale in the United States, so we are going to have to wait a bit to be able to see it in Spain. We have no doubt that ECC will bring us some collected version of the limited series, so we will be attentive to see in what format does it arrive and that all of you can give us your opinion. While we wait for that, I would like to ask you a question, are you one of those who believe that you have to go increasing the history of the characters or leave some loose ends?

World of Krypton - Supergirl

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Superman’s origin gets a lot more sense with the ending of World of Krypton

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