Surprising: authorities had to remove Spider-Man from the Medellin metro

A man dressed as Spider-Man was taken as Show the Parque Berrío station of the Medellin Metro. Background music, acrobatics, good attitude to attract the attention of hundreds of passengers, were characteristics of this character that later had to be withdrawn by the authorities. Very quickly the images of Spider-Man became viral on social networks.

The character came to the platform of the transportation system with a loudspeaker to put rhythm to the dances and pirouettes to entertain and draw attention, while the train arrived heading south from the Aburrá Valley. However the Show It did not last more than ten minutes due to the prompt reaction of the authorities and many people who took out their cell phones to record the moment.

In social networks they began to write comments such as: “The Colombian Spiderman arrived to climb the subway.” “The day of the little witches was brought forward”, among other reactions. According to information provided by the authorities, he is a 22-year-old man of Chilean nationality, a resident of the Prado neighborhood.who arrived in the country a few months ago and who also did not know the regulations of the transport company.

But the young man did not realize that if he was careless, he would very possibly fall onto the railway or other types of accidents to which he was exposed if he continued as usual with this type of pirouettes on the platform, where hundreds of users travel.

When the uniformed police officers and the station chief detained him, he stated that his identification documents had been lost. Later he was expelled from the station and they made him aware of all the regulations and police code that prohibits all this type of behavior.

On September 20, other images went viral on social networks. The Medellin Metro was the stage. A man was the center of attention of hundreds of people when he hung up a hammock in one of the cars of the Metro system, in the middle of rush hour. The man, as if nothing had happened, hung up the hammock and lay down, events that hindered the passage of other people and generated rejection from the other passengers.

The man installed the hammock that he took out of a bag in the company of two other men, and then put it between the metal tubes with the excuse that he was very tired. However, minutes later, at the request From the majority of users who were on the route, personnel from the Industriales station removed it.

“I immediately took out my cell phone and started recording, it seemed rude to me that events like these still happen in society. I don’t know the truth with what intention they start to do that kind of ridiculousness in a system that has been characterized by culture. These characters completely ignored when we told them several people that this could not be done, but they ignored it, until the Police arrived with the Metro personnel and they immediately took them out of the car,” said María Ramírez, one of the users who witnessed the events.

The passenger and his respective hammock were removed, however, no sanction has been known by the Metro company. The Medellín metro has been one of the most important urban transport systems in the country, but above all its effort to create a culture of respect has been one of the company’s priorities since its creation in 1995.

It should be remembered that these events had already occurred in the system in March 2019, when a man was making several videos in places around the city, with the intention of carrying out an artistic activation called “Hammock”, which he sought supposedly “costeñizar the city”.

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Surprising: authorities had to remove Spider-Man from the Medellin metro

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