Sylvester Stallone celebrates 46 years of ‘Rocky’: incredible fact of two protagonists

Sylvester Stallone is, with permission of arnold schwarzeneggerthe most famous action movie actor of history A consideration based on two main roles in his career: the boxing champion Rocky and the veteran of the Vietnam War’Rambo‘. They are two bestial triumphs of Hollywood cinema, and the germ of a string of increasingly far-fetched sequels. The first of these films, directed by John G. Avildsen (with which he won an Oscar for best direction) is in anniversary this December 3: turns 46. Stallone starred in it when he was 29 years old, and now that He is 75 and looks like this in the photographdoes not stop celebrating the day the success that changed his life forever was released.

46 years is a lot. But they are not enough for fans of the film and many moviegoers around the world, who have the more mythical scenes, dialogues and music recorded in the brain. That training spanking cows in a cold room or climbing the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the song ‘gonna fly now‘ by Bill Conti, his cries of “Adrianneeee, Adrianneeee“After losing the fight against Apollo Creed with that crooked mouth… Impossible to forget it.

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 1976 Youtube

Sylvester Stallone’s crooked mouth in ‘Rocky’ / Youtube

The age and the law of life have been noted among the cast and technical staff of the tape. Some, like the director himself or Rocky Balboa’s coach, played by Oliver Burgess Meredith, have died. The most fans and retailers will even remember the animals of ‘Rocky‘: a mastiff whose name was Butkus and two turtles American freshwater All of them lived with Stallonewho the “plugged in” in the production. Butkus, however, also died in 1981. Only five years had passed since the premiere, leaving him with a void and enormous sorrow. We cannot say the same about the turtles, the amazing fact of this production: are still alive and kicking. They will say that it is normal, because these little animals are very long-lived. But even so they are breaking a record.

Sylvester Stallone cone Butkus, his Instagram mastiff

Sylvester Stallone with Butkus, his mastiff and protagonist in ‘Rocky’ / Instagram

Rocky Turtles Youtube

Rocky’s Turtles in 1976 / Youtube

Sylvester’s turtles respond to the name of cuff and link, and they continue swimming calmly in a fish tank in the New York actor’s mansion. Not only that: it is that they are famous and have participated in more movies. Well, it was about ‘Believe 2′, a sequel to the sequels of ‘Rocky‘. They have not innovated too much either, but they have already appeared more in the cinema than the person responsible for this text. In the original, Stallone bought the animals to woo Adrianne’s character, who worked in a pet store. And until today, that they can boast of good health and an impressive age: they have exceeded the average lifespan of this species by 16 years. A feat.

We are speechless. We can only say, with a twisted mouth, “to many more years!” Congratulations.

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Sylvester Stallone celebrates 46 years of ‘Rocky’: incredible fact of two protagonists

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