Sylvester Stallone gets into the ring: he doesn’t want a spin-off of Drago, a character from “Rocky”

In 2010 Stallone was elected to the Boxing Hall of Fame as Rocky contributed to the spread of the sport. (MGM)

For more than four decades Sylvester Stallone has made his character Rocky Balboa an icon of pop culture that has brought him fame and a lot of money. Therefore, now that it is planned to make a spin-off of one of the characters created by him in his franchise and without his consent, the winner of the Oscar He has shown his anger at such a situation.

For a month the actor has criticized the producer Irwin Winkler, who plans to bring to the big screen the story of Ivan Dragoa character who first appeared in Rocky IV. It was through a message Stallone he asked the executive to give him back some of the rights he had left.

With the success of Rocky, Stallone rose to fame as an actor, producer, and writer. (MGM)

Now, sylvester criticize again Winkler and it was through his Instagram account that he shared a simulated image of irwin as a vampire, sucking blood from the character’s neck Rocky Balboa.

“After what Irwin Winkler and his family sucked the blood out of Rocky! He is presumed to be the most hated, talentless and decrepit producer of Hollywood and his cowardly sons have found their next dish. doDragon?” he wrote in the caption.

The actor opposes producer Irwin Winkler making a spin-off of Drago's character.  (Reuters)
The actor opposes producer Irwin Winkler making a spin-off of Drago’s character. (Reuters)

In addition to starring in Rocky original (and its sequels), the actor also wrote the screenplay for the award-winning sports drama Oscar. In addition to this, in 2015 he was in charge of the spin-off of believe, which tells the story of the son of Apollo Creed, a film that had a sequel in 2018.

While it is revealed what will happen to this announced and controversial feature film, all the films in the franchise of Rocky and its spin-off can be seen in one place, Prime Video. Below is a review of the entire Balboa saga.

ROCKY (1976)

With a budget of one million dollars, the film grossed 225 million worldwide.  (MGM)
With a budget of one million dollars, the film grossed 225 million worldwide. (MGM)

rocky balboa is a struggling boxer with raw talent and an innate inability to admit defeat. However, bad decisions have made his coach, Mickeylose faith in man When the world heavyweight champion, apollo creedarrives at Rocky’s hometown, decides to fight a fool there.

Apollo chooses Rocky based solely on his nickname: the Italian Stallion. With a shot at glory, Rocky trains harder than ever to earn his self-respect and go all the way. This film won three Oscarincluding film and director.

ROCKYII (1979)

Roberto “Mano de piedra” Durán, has a cameo in the film representing a small and fast sparring partner. (MGM)

It is the sequel to the 1976 film, a film in which an unknown boxer had the opportunity to go the distance with the world heavyweight champion. Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, Tony Burton, Burgess Meredith, Burt Young Y thalia shire They reverted to their original roles. Although this film was released three years later, the ring announcers say that it takes place ten months after the first fight of Rocky with apollo creed.

Stallone he injured his left pectoral during training for the film, requiring over 100 stitches and a bone attachment. For this reason, in order not to paralyze the filming, the script was changed and it was devised that Rocky would fight most of the final fight with his right hand instead of the injured left.


More than 270 million dollars grossed this film and cost 17 million to produce it. (MGM)

Balboa, now rich, considers retiring. However, when complacency causes the protagonist to lose his title to Clubber Lang (who inadvertently causes the death of the trainer mickey), Rocky sinks into a deep depression and that’s when Apollonow one of his best friends, agrees to train him for a rematch against Lang so he can win back the title.

Stallone sponsored a bronze statue called Rockysculpted by A. Thomas Schomberg in 1981. Three statues were made and one of them was placed at the foot of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the shooting of the film and Rocky V.

ROCKY IV (1985)

Stallone said the scenes of the punches between him and Dolph Lundgren in the first fight are authentic. (MGM)

Stallone is back as the popular boxer and world heavyweight champion and now good friend of his old nemesis, Apollo (Carl Weathers). believe is brutally murdered in the boxing ring during an exhibition match against the superhuman Russian boxer Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), an event that Rocky it is taken personally.

vowing revenge against Dragon on behalf of believe and of the USA, Rocky is invited to the Soviet Union for a showdown and hires the former manager of Apollo to get him in shape. While Dragon trains using the latest technology, the ascetic preparations of Rocky they are a low-key affair of carrying logs uphill through knee-deep Russian snow.

ROCKY V (1990)

It was the least profitable film of the saga and the only one considered a failure at the box office. (MGM)

Balboa suffers career-ending brain damage as a result of his harsh fight with Ivan Drago at the end of the previous movie. On his return to Philadelphiahe and his wife, adrian (thalia shire), they discover that they are broke, their fortune wasted by an incompetent accountant, causing him to return to his old neighborhood where he discovers that all he has left is the dilapidated gym he mickey left him.

Resisting the big money offered by the boxing promoter george washington duke (Richard Gant), Rocky becomes a coach and finds a talented corner in Tommy Gunn. The son of Rocky feels abandoned by his father, who gives more attention to his protégé, who eventually signs a more lucrative deal with Dukeleading to a street fight.


There is an alternate ending, which does not include the scene of Rocky in front of Adrian’s grave. (MGM)

The film’s script features the protagonist facing off against the reigning heavyweight boxing champion. Mason The Line Dixon. Both men are trying to restore their dignity: Dixon because fight fans look down on him for taking on untested opponents; Y Rocky because it’s been years since the elderly South Philly boxer stepped into a ring.

The movie starts with Dixon in the ring delivering a blow to an opponent’s chin, sending the other boxer to the mat. But instead of cheering, the crowd reacts with loud boos and throws ice at Dixon’s corner. Rocky Balboa It was a resurgence in the career of Stallone and his biggest hit in over ten years.

CREED (2015)

Stallone won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor for this film and was nominated for an Oscar in the same category. (Warner Bros.)

The film explores a new chapter in the history of Rocky. It is the seventh film in which the character of Balboa and it is a spin-off of the saga.

Adonis Johnson (Jordan) never met his famous father, the world heavyweight champion apollo creed, who died before he was born. Still, there’s no denying that boxing is in his blood, so Adonis turns to Philadelphiathe place of his father’s legendary fight with a tough boxer named Rocky, who will end up training him and through which he will discover passages of his father that he never knew.

CREED II (2018)

The film is dedicated to Tony Burton, who appeared in six of the Rocky films and passed away in February 2016. (Warner Bros.)

adonis creed he is torn between personal obligations and training for his next big fight, with the challenge of his life ahead of him. Facing an opponent with ties to his family’s past only intensifies their impending battle in the ring. Fortunately, Rocky Balboa He is by his side all the way, and together they will question what is worth fighting for and discover that nothing is more important than family.

The plot follows the training of Adonis to beat the famous son of Ivan Drago, the boxer who killed his father in the ring 30 years ago. This sequel to believegarnered rave reviews and an 84% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


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Sylvester Stallone gets into the ring: he doesn’t want a spin-off of Drago, a character from “Rocky”

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