Sylvester Stallone regrets killing Apollo Creed in Rocky IV

Sylvester Stallone regrets killing Apollo Creed in Rocky IV

Rockey (92%), a film that tells the story of how a man who at first had no purpose, was able to achieve what he wanted with a lot of dedication, is one of the most emblematic and motivational sports-themed movies that exist. The Rocky films are classics, having been incredibly successful since their inception in 1976, and being recognized to this day. Now, 45 years after the arrival of such an iconic character on the big screen, Sylvester Stallone shares a few words about why he regrets killing Apollo Creed in Rocky IV (40%).

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On November 11, a “director’s cut” of the eighties hit will be released Rocky IVwhich will be called “Rocky vs. Drago”. On such an occasion, Sylvester Stallone, who wrote and starred in that film in 1985, shared a video on his Instagram account in which he talks about Rocky’s legacy. In the video, the actor is in a state of reflection regarding everything that surrounds these film classics. Stallone even admitted that he sometimes regrets getting rid of Apollo Creed, an important character in the saga of Rocky.

It was silly. Rocky V would never have happened and Rocky VI might never have happened that way.

The franchise of Rocky It is one of the most popular in all history, raising more than a billion dollars worldwide. The saga tells the story of Rocky Balboa, a man who apparently had no clear direction in life, however, he decides to change this by trying to seriously enter the world of boxing. Rocky, also known later by his boxer’s nickname, “the Italian stallion”, achieves little by little, with a lot of effort and discipline, all of his goals. This inspiring story that has managed to captivate many has eight titles: Rockey (92%), Rocky II (83%), Rocky III (61%), Rocky IV, Rocky V (28%), Rocky Balboa (76%),Creed: Heart of Champion (94%) Y Creed II: Defending the Legacy (79%).

Rocky IV is among the most popular installments of the franchise, at the beginning of it, Iván Drago, an imposing boxer of Russian origin, fights Apollo Creed, who, anxious for his return to the ring, neglects himself and suffers a tragic death at the hands of Iván, which does not feel any kind of guilt, because he did not stop hitting Apollo maliciously even when they yelled at him. Rocky and Apollo were great friends at that time, they had a story worth telling behind their friendship, which is why Apollo’s death had a strong impact on Balboa, who made the decision to return to the ring and challenge Drago, to thus avenging the death of Apollo.

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Stallone He has already confessed that there are times when he regrets having killed Apollo in history, however, it is important to recognize that without the death of this character, we would not have been able to enjoy this exciting classic that is Rocky IV, because such a great story occurs derived from the death of Apollo. In addition, if said event had not occurred, there would be no spin-offs. believe him Y believe llwhose plot is also directly related to Apollo.

the tapes believe address the story of Adonis (played by Michael B Jordan), who is the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed. Adonis spends his childhood in orphanages, but soon after he is adopted by her father’s widow, Mary Ann Creed, who takes him to live with her and gives him a good life. Adonis is determined to be a boxer like Apollo, so he goes to Philadelphia to contact Rocky and ask her to be his trainer.

In the end, many fans would have been happy that Apollo had not died in Rocky IVHowever, his death had positive results for the franchise. Apollo will always be remembered as a great character, key to the development of the story, and although his death hurts every time we see the tape, we will be able to take into account the positive side of the path of the plot.

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Sylvester Stallone regrets killing Apollo Creed in Rocky IV

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