Teachers of the José Antonio Carvajal Lyceum mobilize against the new Director of the establishment | Digital medium The Northern Fox

Teachers and officials of the José Antonio Carvajal Lyceum delivered a letter to the Head of the SLEP Atacama Personnel Management Department Jaime Uribe Díaz, expressing their discontent against the new Director of the school, in turn, denouncing an administrative crisis in his management and requesting the reincorporation of dismissed teachers in the establishment.

In the letter sent to SLEP Atacama, they state the following: «Our educational community Liceo José Antonio Carvajal has recently been experiencing an unfortunate crisis since the arrival of the new director, whose management has been questioned by most of the teaching staff, as a result of irregularities such as meetings with some head teachers of different levels excluding general inspectors; the arbitrary modification of the current protocol for requesting permits and departures, leaving such requests to his will; among other situations.

This labor crisis that our high school is experiencing had been controlled and sustained, until now, thanks to the management of our former director Sergio Olmedo Godoy, who during this time mediated between the teaching staff and the new administration. Unfortunately, yesterday, April 28, Professor Olmedo was removed from our establishment by SLEP Atacama, without his consent. As reported by the current director Vladimir Labbe, the reason for his removal was due to “staffing” and not due to “time load”, which seems strange to us, given that he was a history teacher, a subsector that has two teachers on extended leave. and a teacher soon to retire in the next few days. In addition to the above, the decision made by the SLEP Atacama does not comply with the provisions of article 22 of Law 19,070, which states that a different destination could correspond for reasons other than the specific law, but as long as this transfer is common agreement and does not cause labor impairment.

Therefore, in the case of Professor Olmedo there is no mutual agreement, but there is a loss of employment and moral damage to the person of the teacher and his impeccable career, even less having started the first quarter of the school year.

According to what was stated by the director of the high school Vladimir Labbé, he argues that the decision corresponds to an instruction from the SLEP due to an oversupply of the subject, which is not explained given that 2 teachers arrived from the same subject of History and Geography and One of them arrived less than a month ago. None of them has the vast experience, curriculum and years of seniority of Professor Olmedo who was also director for more than 6 years; being a teacher who has a long and outstanding career, in addition to being a former student and having contributed to the education of Atacama in other prestigious establishments

Situation that was communicated in the teachers’ council causing great discomfort and accentuating a work climate of mistrust and discussions among the teachers themselves.

Finally, our educational community demands the immediate reinstatement of Professor Sergio Olmedo Godoy to our teaching staff, in addition to putting an end to plans for future removals of other teachers.

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Teachers of the José Antonio Carvajal Lyceum mobilize against the new Director of the establishment | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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