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If there is a manga that has left its mark both in the industry and in the entire world, that is Dragon Ball Z. After all, Who has not ever seen or read this series? Since its premiere in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1984, Akira Toriyama’s series it became a worldwide hit. The shonen genre was completely changed thanks to this series, and fighting anime were never the same again.. His humor and creativity captivated an entire generation, and even today thousands and thousands of people enthusiastically follow the films in the series.

dragon ball it is a gigantic brand and, of course, it has been adapted multiple times to other media. However, few media have received as many adaptations of this franchise as the video game. And it is that since the time of NES games have been released that have adapted both the original series and Dragon Ball Z. For this reason, today we have decided to talk about the 5 best games ever released in the franchise on consoles Nintendo. Although most of the games belong to the fighting genre, we have not limited ourselves to this one.

Thus, in this top you will find all kinds of games: from RPG to action titles, all of them available on consoles from your favorite brand. That said, take your radar, because it’s time to start looking for the Dragon Balls. Inside top!

1 – Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure (2004, Game Boy Advance)

Starting at the beginning of the adventure of Goku we find Advanced Adventure. As its name indicates, it is an exclusive game of GameBoy Advance that adapted the first adventures of the good old Goku. The game stood out for its addictive gameplay, being a frenetic and careful side-scrolling action RPG. A comfortable control, a careful graphic style and a faithful adaptation to the classic of Akira ToriyamaWhat more could we ask for?

2- Dragon Ball Origins (2008, DS)

And from one portable console we went to another. And it is that Dragon Ball Origins tried to give an interesting twist to what he already presented Advanced Adventure, giving it more depth. Powered by the sadly forgotten GameRepublic, the game triumphed for its RPG character and for its immersion capacity. Imitating what was seen in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglassthe control of Goku It was done through the touch screen. This made it really fun to perform actions such as attacks with the magic staff. A very original game that no fan of the franchise should miss.

In addition, the title had a sequel that adapted the second half of the original series. This means that we abandoned the arc of Pilaf to get into the one with the terrible red ribbon armyshadowy villains throughout the entire series. An equally recommendable game, although it lost part of the surprise factor of the original.

3- Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans (2009, Nintendo DS)

And we continue with the genre RPG thanks to Attack of the Saiyans. Developed by the great studio Monolith Softcreators of the series Xenoblade, the title hit the market in 2009. And although not much was expected from this title, it managed to surprise locals and strangers alike with its deep combat system. The game made a spectacular adaptation of the first arc of Dragon Ball Zpresenting to Nappa and Vegeta Like the great villains. An excellent RPG and more complex than you might expectdemonstrating once again the enormous mastery of Monolith Soft Regarding the RPG genre.

4- Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Wii, 2008)

Moving away from the RPG genrewe jump to one of the most extensive fighting games in the entire Wii catalog. And it is that Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 featured an impressive 100+ playable characters, drawn from all corners of the manga. His incredible roster was accompanied by an excellent combat system in which we felt like authentic Saiyans: we could fly, perform powerful combat techniques, transform and destroy large portions of the stage.

An impressive title full of content that also had a huge story mode. Unlike other games, here we played throughout the history of Dragon Ball Z: since the arrival of the first saiyan to earth until the final combat against the Boo Monster. An extensive story that is the ideal game for fans of the franchise.

5- Dragon Ball FighterZ (2018, Switch)

But if there is a game that is above the rest, that is dragon ball fighter z. Perhaps it is not the one that best adapts the story of the manga or the one that has the most characters… But the game of Arc System Works It managed to captivate by having the best combat system and a scandalous artistic style. Recovering the series’ own team combat system Marvel vs. Capcom, FighterZ he won a deserved place in international e-sports competitions.

The mastery of Arc System Workscreators of series as mythical as Guilty Gear, is noticeable at all times. Its combat system is extremely precise, and the character roster is spectacular. Never has a game been made so visually true to the style of the series, and few fighting games are as engaging.

And here is the list! Whether or not you are a fan of dragon ball, surely these games will hook you. Tell us, what is your favorite game inspired by this classic franchise? We read you!

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The 5 best Dragon Ball Z games to enjoy with Goku and company – Nintenderos

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