The 5 cutest film versions of Superman in history

The Man of Steel has suffered a lot on his way to the seventh art. A good example of this are some versions of Superman in movies that are really crappy

Do you love Superman? Do you love the character, the big S on his chest and his powers and sense of justice? Well, forget about that, because you won’t find it here.

Here you are going to discover some of those film versions in which the producers and creators did not give a damn about those details called copyright and rights and gave birth to their own visions with impudence and without scruples and, obviously, also without means, hence that the special effects are far from what is seen in the movies Zack Synder and, if you hurry, they are even light years away from those of the film that he directed in 1978 Richard Donner. And that, not to mention the terrible Superman IV: in search of peacepeace that we hope that its creators do not find, and that ended the eighties cycle of the hero of the cape.

We leave you with the worst versions of Superman in movies:

Superman (1987)

The 5 cutest film versions of Superman in history

Indian cinema has always chosen its own path. In fact, foreign films find it very difficult to enter their market. Now, the mug that the director gave him B.Gupta With this one, considered one of the worst versions of Superman in cinema, which even took special effects from Richard Donner’s 78 film for its own footage, it’s to piss and not drop drop.

Here is the story of Shekhar, a boy who comes to Earth from the planet Krypton (does the move ring a bell?). Well, that, a bad and crappy copy with actors of the “size” of Urmila Bhatt or Ashok Kumar in which they were not even able to change the original name of the world of “Superman”.

Dariya Dil (1988)

The 5 cutest film versions of Superman in history

It’s not a Superman movie. Actually, it is a film in which a good brother recounts his miseries in having to deal with his bad brothers and the struggles for the inheritance of a rich father. And so, at one point in the film, with music and voice in between, the main character imagines himself to be Superman, being accompanied by ¿?Spider-Woman?, and giving milk to the bad guys. How do you read it!

Surely you have seen this video, because it has gone viral many times. The film is the work of K. Ravi Shankar and lasts two and a half hours of Indian toston full of drama and crappy songs.

Supermen Dönüyor (1979)

The 5 cutest film versions of Superman in history

If someone has had little shame when it comes to covering anything, it’s the Turks. In the 70s, 80s and 90s they did it with Rambo, the Masked Man, Star Wars and of course Superman.

Here the director Kunt Tulgar made a version of the most seedy that are remembered. It can be translated as the return of superman, although you can imagine the level of effects and others. It was just as well if he didn’t come back.

Super Sonic Man (1979)

The 5 cutest film versions of Superman in history

This is a blatant copy of Superman on film that, coincidentally?, appeared a year after the successful premiere of Richard Donner’s Superman and Christopher Reeve.

Directed by the currently underrated and well-known Spanish director of fantastic and horror films Juan Piquer Simon, this was not one of his most accomplished works. Here, an alien is sent to Earth to save humanity from the evil Dr. Gulik. his name, Super Sonic Manhis powers, you can already imagine them.

The credits are so much fun. Along with the unforgettable Quique Camoiraswhich makes funny secondary, we find names like michael coby (Antonio Cantafora actually) or Richard Yestaran (José Luis Ayestarán in real life). Of course, the bad guy in the show was American, it was the actor Cameron Mitchell.

Zoom, Zoom, Superman! (1973)

The 5 cutest film versions of Superman in history

And we end with the last of the nonsense of Superman in cinema. In this case, with a parody version Made in the Philippines starring the actor ariel ureta as the Man of Steel and directed by a certain Joey Gosiengfiao.

Despite its friendly and carefree tone, the production went through the lining of all kinds of author’s rights and copyright. And, with all that, it was the highest grossing Filipino film in history from its release until 1981. Stuff in life.

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The 5 cutest film versions of Superman in history

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