The animated Street Fighter 2 movie returns to stores in a very special edition

It’s not the usual norm, but sometimes animated movies based on video games work too. That was the case with Street Fighter 2 The Animated Movieas always within the framework of the 90s anime and following closely that of “any time passed was better”.

Street Fighter The Animated Movie now joins the trail of releases and reissues that the company has accumulated in recent years and that has brought classic series like Ranma, Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bebop or Evangelion and movies as important as AKIRA. , a Japanese super-production that put script and animation to the famous Capcom franchise and that turned the brains of fans in 1994.

The movie features the characters we all remember and love. A ryu in eternal training that follows the path of finding the strongest rival, Kenwho lives a life of luxury with his fiancée, Guilecommander of the army air forces and chun-li, police investigator. All of them will end up immersed in a fight shadowloowhich features M.Bison and his three well-known subjects: Balrog, Vega and Sagat wanting to take over the world ‘by hard’.

In addition, even if outside the main plot, all those who never miss an appointment will have their film time, such as Dhalsim, Honda or Zangief and the ‘newcomers’ of the ‘Super’ edition of the video game also make an appearance: Fei-Long, T-Hawk, Dee-Jay and Cammy. Nobody is missing.

As you expect, an animated adaptation of a Capcom fighting game has to be an excuse to face their characters on the screen, although it does everything possible so that the plot of the film maintains the interest of those less involved with the series, more beyond serving as a common thread of fights.

It won’t take long for you to realize that the film maintains a high quality standard, typical of the decade in which it was created. Both the drawing and the animation of this 102-minute gem are on par with Japanese animation classics not related to video games.

The Blu-Ray edition, for its part, does not fall into the same bag as those other spectacular remasters that we have seen in recent times. The treatment that Dragon Ball has received is not cheap and to carry it out there must be a justified sales forecast. From what my humblely trained eye perceives, the footage has received an el basic ‘upscale’ treatment to raise the resolution to 1080p, but retains the image grain and jitteriness of the original scan-frames. Nothing bad, that’s how the original material was and that’s how we have it on Blu-Ray.

the same for him Audio. Both tracks (Spanish and Japanese) are listed as DTS HD, but we can clearly notice the classic ‘stereo’ in the Spanish audio and an even more compromised origin for the Japanese audio track.

But we don’t buy these things just for the image quality; We fans want to keep the nostalgic section of our video library updated and we enjoy just knowing it’s there after so long gone. Selecta Visión has not only been in charge of bringing the film but has done so winking at all those who retain memories of the original release and that affection can be seen even in the typography of the Blu-Ray menus.

At that time, in full ‘boom’ of the 16 bitIt was rare to find a house that had not taken sides in the war between Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, each one with their Street Fighters and always with that eternal fight for the reign of the console scene. The movie was a breath of fresh air and a moment for common enjoyment; It didn’t matter what console you had, it was time to see your characters in action.

Selecta Visión once again suggests that we choose sides in that console fight and launches two special editions of the film for sale that recover the design and the essence of the video game covers of the time.

One of them has the golden tones and frames typical of Super Nintendo games in PAL territory. The other has the dark tone and the vertical format of the Mega Drive games. Both include the movie on Blu-Ray and DVD, an exclusive book that will remind you of that instruction manual that the games had at the time, and a set of cardboard characters that you can stand up on your table.

I will not get tired of saying that all those who comb gray hair and look closely at that dreaded life crisis, have lived through one of the best times for entertainment; and Selecta-Visión is in charge of immortalizing those memories and making them reach generations that did not know them in the best possible way at the time.

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The animated Street Fighter 2 movie returns to stores in a very special edition

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