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Ali, Stallone and Carl Weathers, or Ali, Balboa and Creed.

He was a great Champion and a great friend of Rocky, after they were severely punished twice in the ring, with a victory for each. Apollo Creed is an extraordinary boxer, which only magnifies Rocky’s feat, pure heart in the two fights they had, or perhaps in all three, because they also fought in Rocky III, only behind closed doors, like two old friends and without the camera focusing on them. Apollo taught Rocky how to box, how to reinvent himself in the ring to overcome Clubber Lang, the brash and brutal young man who had taken the title from him. He was also, a great affection to the show, to the paraphernalia, to the circus before the fights, which sometimes took him out of focus. He would pay dearly for it in Rocky IV, when he clowned around way too much before facing the young and imposing Ivan Drago.

1977 Oscars: Muhammad Ali yells “I’m The Real Apollo Creed”

Carl Weathers is the actor who played Creed, a boxer who, according to Stallone, was a mixture of “Jack Johnson, Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali”, although, of course, the latter prevailed: in fact, the film that started the saga was It occurred to Sylvester Stallone after seeing the unexpectedly dramatic fight between Ali and Chuck Wepner.

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Ali, in fact, adored Apollo Creed, so much so that he was very upset that he was defeated.

Ali and family watch Rocky II with Roger Ebert.

On July 31, 1979, Muhammad Ali received the famous American film critic Roger Ebert at his mansion in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, to see together Rocky III. Ali had liked the first film, and that was partly why he accepted the proposal.

Ali got excited when he saw Creed goad Rocky in front of the press. “That’s me, okay. Apollo sounds like me. Insulting the opponent in the press, to make him nervous. That’s me exactly,” he told Ebert. Ali also approved when Mickey went to Rocky’s house to make him furious for what Apollo had said.

“That’s what Angelo Dundee did with me. A good trainer knows that a good boxer can’t stand people talking bad about him on television.” Later, Ali disapproved of the scene in which Rocky chases chickens to gain speed, as was done in the days of Joe Louis. “That’s not used anymore,” he maintained.

When Apollo, about to fight Rocky, tells him: “I will destroy you! I am the master of disaster!”, Ali reacts again. “That’s what my lines are like. I like it. Master of Disaster. I wish I’d thought of that myself.”

Later, Ali was highly critical of Stalonne’s boxing moves. “Look closely. It’s the difference between real boxers and actors. A real boxer can see that Stallone is not a boxer. He’s not a professional, he doesn’t have the moves. He’s a good actor, but that’s not boxing. The guy from the red pants is a real boxer. The average person, of course, can’t see what I see. And the way they’re painting the trainer is wrong. Look at him yelling ‘Do this’ or ‘Do that ‘ I never had anyone telling me what to do like I was a horse.”

“Now he (Rocky) is not here to fight because his wife is sick. It’s the absolute truth. The same thing happened to me when I was training during one of my divorces. You can’t keep your mind on a fight if you’re thinking about a woman . You can’t stay focused. You feel like you’re asleep. But now I’m making a prediction: she’s going to be fine and Rocky is going to beat the crap out of Apollo Creed.”

When Adriana Pennino, Adrian, Rocky’s wife, opened her eyes, Ali told Ebert, “My first prediction came true. When Adrian looked at him and said, “There’s something you can do for me: win,” Ali said. enthusiasm.

“Yeah!” he said. “Break that black’s ass!”

Ali recounted to Ebert the dialogues he had had with Carl Weathers. “Weathers told me that the bobs and jabs, the whole Apollo style, he got from watching movies of mine. The way he mirrors them aren’t actual fighting moves, but for the movie they look good. And the question of the Motivation is fine. Apollo won the first fight, but there are people who think Rocky should have won. If you lose a big fight, he haunts you for the rest of your life, harasses you until you get your rematch. He is the Champion and almost he loses to a club boxer, he wants to have his revenge”

Towards the end of the fight, Ali made his balance against Ebert.

“A great movie. It’s going to be a big hit, it’s got all the ingredients. Love, violence, emotion. The excitement never waned”

-And what do you think of the result of the fight?

-The black man couldn’t win. For him to win would be against the teachings of the United States. I’ve been so great in boxing that they had to create an image like Rocky, a white image on the screen, to counteract my image in America. Jesus, Wonder Woman, Tarzan and Rocky.

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“The Black Man Couldn’t Win”: The Day Muhammad Ali Saw Rocky II with a Film Critic – Big Bang! News

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