“The Bold Type”: 5 reasons to start watching the series now that it has come to an end

Like Sex and the City”, “The Bold Type” takes place in chaotic and cosmopolitan New York, one of the most important fashion centers in the world. “The Bold Type”, a series that premiered in 2017 on the Freeform channel in the United States, recently aired the final chapter of its fifth and final season. And currently up to the fourth season can be seen on Netflix (and complete on Hulu, which is not available in Latin America), we consider that there is more than one reason to start watching it.

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“The Bold Type” stars three twentysomethings: Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens), Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) and Sutton Brady-Hunter (Meghann Fahy). They are beginning to consolidate their careers in the renowned fashion magazine “Scarlet Magazine”, an important reference in the fashion industry for urban women, with 60 years of creation. Until the arrival of its current editor, Jacqueline Carlyle, the magazine offered the typical content aimed at the beauty of women. With the change of direction, the goal was the empowerment of women in every way: aesthetic, professional and sexual.

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With a good number of followers on their social networks and campaigns that go viral, “Scarlet Magazine” is the fashion magazine that is in fashion. However, despite its progressive line and having a newsroom dominated by women, it must face a board of powerful men in suits and ties, sexism and the prejudices that women experience in society.

What makes this series different? We saw the first season and we leave you 5 reasons why we believe you should not miss it:


This New York series is inspired by its executive producer Joanna Coles, former editor of the famous magazine “Cosmopolitan” and author of “Love Rules”. Jacqueline Carlyle (Melora Hardin) is the intimidating editor of “Scarlet Magazine.” It will be inevitable to find an air of Miranda Preslye (Meryl Streep) from “The devil wears fashion”, although with marked differences. Carlyle, with all her experience in the feminine world and an imposing personality, becomes a solid guide to land the tribulations or excesses of the protagonists.

Jane, Kat, Sutton and their entourage live, sweat and dream fashion. His goal is to achieve an important place in the magazine on his own merits. It is a lifestyle for which, in addition, they are paid. The ‘outfit’ of the characters are taken as a reference for clothing combinations on social networks like Pinterest.

Its newsroom facilities have a large closet with hundreds of clothes and accessories from prestigious brands (Dior, Gucci, Givenchy, Jason, BCBG Max Azria or Miu Miu items will pass before your eyes). This will become the meeting space in the office and a refuge for the Scarlet girls.


The first season opens with Jane Sloan, a recently promoted editor of “Scarlet Magazine.” Kat Edison is the director of social networks, a very responsible position for her age, but she handles it with great confidence and with all her weapons. And, Sutton Brady-Hunter, an assistant looking for a better position inside the magazine of her dreams.

They are girls of 25 years on average with many difficult decisions to overcome, decisions that will mark the course of their careers and which they prioritize before any ‘affair’. Though not always. Sex and love relationships are extremely present, since they are developed between offices, elevators and passageways, so the ethics of relating between colleagues or between bosses and subordinates is evaluated.

The series puts on the table real situations such as the advantages of men in the world of work, low wages, personal crises that are brought to the office, getting involved with a boss and putting both their careers at risk; and, the dilemma of every professional when the time comes to leave the comfort zone and seek new horizons.


It is not easy to admit never having had an orgasm or that the heterosexuality you bragged about is trembling before a person of your same sex. This first season of “The Bold Type” faces complex situations like these and with which anyone could identify.

Breast cancer and the fear of the BRCA genetic test, for example, is approached directly and is one of the strongest chapters of the season embodied in one of the protagonists. At the same time, issues such as Islamophobia and the questioning of the use of the turban in a Muslim feminist activist; how to deal with rape; harassment in social networks towards women by men or the encounter with pornography, are some of the topics developed in each of the 10 chapters.


The dynamics of daily life in the protagonists, their sexual life, life in the office, even their way of dressing, is crossed by a feminist thought, as well as the editorial line of the magazine. The word patriarchy is present with the aim of deconstructing it, obviously within the discourse of the series and framed in the world of fashion. From the first chapter referents of feminism appear, such as the mention of the journalists Joan Didion, Meghan Daum and Rachel Syme and the ambitions of the protagonists to overcome the social limitations of their gender in all areas. In the dialogues, the role of women and men in society is always questioned or historical facts regarding women’s rights are commented on, such as the law in New York that defends the right to be able to walk in ‘topples’ for both men and for women, or the suppression of the freedom of a Muslim woman in the United States.

On the other hand, friendship between women is the basis of this series. The protagonists are companions who only have themselves and give each other unlimited support while they must face a new life that becomes more difficult as they grow older. Each becomes the refuge of the other, they encourage each other, celebrate and question important events in their lives.

Feminism runs through the series, as well as the friendship between the protagonists. (Instagram The Bold Type)


If after “Sex and The City” you missed New York, here it becomes an experiential urban presence. Central Park, the subway, the yellow taxis, the hustle and bustle and its streets become characters in the series. Several of its scenes take place between night activities or in the unsustainable traffic of the big city. Likewise, cultural diversity is part of the series, typical of a cosmopolitan city like The Big Apple.

New York and all its spirit are part of the series The Bold Type (REUTERS / Jeenah Moon)
New York and all its spirit are part of the series The Bold Type (REUTERS / Jeenah Moon) / JEENAH MOON

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“The Bold Type”: 5 reasons to start watching the series now that it has come to an end

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