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The saying that “truth will always be stranger than fiction” can be applied to planned casino robberies. Such is the case of the well-remembered movie Ocean’s Eleven, in which a group sets out to rob large casinos without a scratch. These films are based, for the most part, on real-life events, which is why a large part of the establishments chose to transfer their game to online mode, where you can enjoy, for example, free blackjack games from your home.

Casinos around the world do not escape being victims of robbery, either directly at gunpoint or by illegal actions at the gaming tables. The most popular scams that happen in the last named are mainly applied in Blackjack or 21.

The undeniably reckless and daring attitude to pull off these heists is what makes them so fascinating to audiences. That is why we bring you a top 3 of the most shocking scams of recent times:

  • 1. MIT Blackjack Geniuses

A blackjack team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), founded and trained by Bill Kaplan, managed to swindle several casinos around the world. Kaplan discovered how card counting in blackjack could help him gain certain advantages over the dealer.

That is why he trained the aforementioned team and grew massively from 1979 to the beginning of the new millennium. At the height of the casino industry, around 1992, Kaplan secured a $1 million investment. This would be destined to form a company where many more students would become experts in counting cards.

This method is the most appropriate to put the player at an advantage, and although it is not illegal, it is not well seen in casinos. The purpose of the group, of course, was to scam unsuspecting casinos to put their tricks into practice and make money.

The MIT blackjack team won approximately $22 million worldwide using this technique. However, all the members were discovered and banned for life from entering the casinos.

The 2008 movie 21 Blackjack is based on this incredible true story that explains one of the most famous cases of casino robberies. In fact, the group became cult heroes for the premiere of this film.

An event that also occurred at the beginning of the new millennium and that involved three Londoners who managed to steal 200,000 pounds. It happened in England and it was very similar to the previous one involving card counting in blackjack, but in a less “intelligent” way. However, it is called the Casino Royale (as in James Bond) since the latest technology of the moment was implied. The three young men managed to obtain modern items for the time, such as invisible headphones, wireless transmitters and micro-cameras. It was a team effort, where one of them wore a micro camera on his shirt and filmed the cards that the dealer dealt.

The second member, prostrated in a van outside the casinos, transmitted the information to the third party involved. He was in charge of analyzing the cards dealt and communicating the move to be made to the rogue who was at the table. In total, they managed to scam more than 6 casinos in London before finally being caught.

  • 3. The inner workings of the Perth Crown Casino

One of the most recent was the one that occurred in 2013, at the Crown Casino in Perth, Australia. Days before the scam, New Zealand millionaire James Manning announced the acquisition of an extravagant cocktail made with cognac for US$12,500.

The cognac was special as the bottle was found from the famous ship that sunk in 1912, the Titanic. Of course, this drew the eyes of casino officials, who gave Manning access to high-limit tables in the VIP room.

The flamboyant millionaire had a winning streak of 8 hands in a row at blackjack and won a whopping $32 million. This raised suspicions and casino officials realized that the security cameras in the VIP room had been breached.

The VIP room manager himself sent Manning signals at the table, allowing him to win easily. He was caught red-handed and since the money never left the casino, they let him go and banned him for life.

As incredible as it sounds, reality will always surpass fiction.

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The boldest scams in blackjack – InfoPalancia

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