The Civil Guard detects two cases of trafficking in protected thresher sharks in Gipuzkoa

The Civil Guard in Gipuzkoa is investigating six people for the irregular sale of three specimens of thresher sharks. The specimens were landed in Gipuzkoa territory and sold to the consumer in Cádiz, despite the fact that they lacked the CITES permit or Certificate necessary for their commercialization, according to Europa Press.

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The provincial maritime service of the Civil Guard in Gipuzkoa learned that three thresher sharks had been landed in the port of Pasaia last February, captured in the Bay of Biscay by French fishing boats. As the specimens lacked the corresponding permit necessary for their commercialization, the command began an investigation, called Vulpinos, to clarify the facts. Through the aforementioned investigation, it was found that the specimens had been transferred after landing to a supplier based in Oiartzun, and later sent to another wholesaler in the province of Cádiz, who dispatched them for sale in local fishmongers. from Cádiz from Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Due to these facts, the people who processed and made the purchase of the copies in Gipuzkoa and Cádiz, as well as the three responsible for their final sale to the consumer, also based in the province of Cádiz, have been investigated for the alleged commission of a crime related to the protection of flora and fauna. The police proceedings have been forwarded to the competent judicial authority in Donostia.

The thresher shark species ‘alopias vulpinus’ is included in the appendices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and, therefore, its trade is subject to specific authorization requirements. Last September, the Seprona of the Zaragoza headquarters, with the collaboration of agents from Gipuzkoa, also proceeded to investigate four people for the irregular sale of three other specimens of thresher sharks, from catches made in the Sea of Norte without having issued CITES documentation for any of them, which were marketed by a Gipuzkoan company, and transferred for sale in the towns of Zaragoza and Vigo.

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The Civil Guard detects two cases of trafficking in protected thresher sharks in Gipuzkoa

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