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During the last months, within the municipal council of Copiapó we have been working and analyzing the Pladeco (Communal Development Plan). This is one of the most relevant growth guidance instruments for the city and must be processed with the greatest possible responsibility by us councilors.

When reviewing the text proposed by the current mayoral administration, I found the following sentence: The Copiapó that you imagine.

Days later, in the municipal public account, this sentence seemed to achieve greater prominence when it was postulated as the icon of progress, work and the great development that Copiapó has achieved in recent years, as if that were the reality with which all the inhabitants live together.

In life it is always good to talk about the positive things, the hopes and future projects, because they reflect a path outlined and objectives to be developed, but sometimes focusing only on the ‘beautiful’ part of things can mean a real slap in the face for people who suffer day by day with problems and the harsh reality that is not officially reflected.

Currently, citizens are not perceiving such positive changes that are listed in the public account or that “Copiapó that you imagine” that is described in Pladeco, generating annoyance and frustration.

Today, Copiapó has become an unattractive city, with dirty and unsafe streets. There is little promotion of tourism and we have lost many public spaces that could previously be used by families, children and even social organizations, and everything, because a lot of irregular situations have been turned a blind eye and normalized. There is no concern for green areas and even the lighting of neighborhoods, squares and meeting points, have gone into the background.

We were all anxiously waiting for the health situation to normalize in order to return to daily life, but when we went out on the streets again we found ourselves with an abysmal lack of security. The absence of supervision in the streets is noted, which caused serious disturbances for motorists or pedestrians with the issue of tents on public roads or the insults of the window cleaners; there is the slowness in the completion of works, such as the real drama that was experienced with the delays in the work of schools and high schools at the beginning of March.

Entrepreneurs and businesses in the commune have had to deal alone with the crisis. Other issues, such as the lack of water in the camps, are still a headache, without anyone showing real and concrete concern.

What to talk about road problems. Streets full of holes, problems with some signage, delays in arranging the whereabouts of public locomotion and enormous traffic jams, which implies a lack of prior planning and preparation, knowing that once the Pandemic is over, people would go en masse to their jobs. .

Finally, one wonders: Where are the big projects or initiatives that could change the face of the Copiapó commune? Unfortunately there is no clear and hopeful answer that allows us to think of a better commune.

Today what we least have is the Copiapó that we dream or imagine, which is worrying for all the neighbors and sectors that are at risk every day to make our commune a better place to live.

But contrary to popular belief, this should not be a reason to stop dreaming. It is the empirical demonstration that we must work twice as hard to execute the necessary changes and put aside bad practices so that once and for all we meet the expectations of the inhabitants of Copiapó. It is the only way to transform the slogans and “beautiful phrases” within a public account speech, into a reality.


Councilor of Copiapo

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The Copiapó you imagine? | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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