The day Rafa Nadal dressed as Rocky Balboa | Cinematic triumph of the Spanish to achieve his Grand Slam 21

If winning a Grand Slam at the age of 35, almost 17 after having achieved the first and after six months without playing due to an injury that made him think about retirement, did not already have enough merit, Rafael Nadal added several extra doses of spices to make his Australian Open coronation epic. With a script with Hollywood overtones, as if it were another chapter of the Rocky saga, the Spaniard lifted a match that seemed lost and won in five sets and after a battle of almost five and a half hours against the Russian Daniil Medvedev in order to achieve his Grand Slam 21 and part ways with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, who kept 20 each. The fight in the fight to be the best tennis player in history added a new milestone, with hints of a feat for the Spanish.

The final score will say that Nadal won 2-6, 6-7 (5-7), 6-4, 6-4 and 7-5 in five hours and 24 minutes. “Without a doubt I am very happy because I think it was one of the most exciting games of my entire career. and having played it against a great champion like Medvedev is a pride and an honor”, Nadal summed up with the Melbourne trophy already in his arms, after a huge hug with his father Sebastián and with the rest of the team led by Carlos Moyá. what you had to go back to 2007 when he beat fellow Russian Mikhail Youzhny to find another Grand Slam match in which Nadal came back two sets down before celebrating the victory.

But beyond the two sets, the most remarkable thing about Nadal was the way in which he twisted a match in which he was clearly being outplayed and, as if it were any version of Rocky, he was on the ropes about to be knocked out. In the other side, Medvedev, the Ivan Drago 2.0, was the perfect antihero: he hit forehand or backhand with the same ease, hurt with his serve and crushed a Nadal who could not find answers. And of course, he did not even flinch before an audience that already took him as a preferred target to whistle or boo him.

Rafa’s hug with his father Sebastián.

To make matters worse, when Nadal threatened to react, like when he broke in the second set and had a set point serving 5-4, the Russian returned the impact and made a difference again. Thus came the key moment of the match, when Nadal led 2-3 and 0-40 in the third set. Medvedev had everything served to give him the coup de grâce, but the Spaniard did not give up and worked to generate the reaction that ended with a victory for history.

“Rafa, aren’t you tired?” Medvedev himself joked during the award ceremonywhen he admitted that he thought he could win the match due to the wear and tear on his rival after losing the first two sets. “I thought he was going to get tired and maybe he got a little tired but he still won the match. You are an amazing champion.”completed the Russian, who admitted that he did not know what to say after playing five and a half hours and still losing the game.

But beyond number two in the world, all the flashes were with Nadal, who was excited like few times with his conquest. “Without a doubt this could be one of the most exciting moments of my career. It will stay in my heart for a long time.”, acknowledged the Mallorcan, who a month ago did not even know if he was going to be able to participate in the contest when he was going through the coronavirus. And a few weeks before, he didn’t know it either, when his chronic injury to the scaphoid in his left foot had him in a bad way and caused discomfort in other parts of his body. For this reason, he did not hesitate to admit that his retirement is very close. “I could have easily said this was going to be my last Australian Open, but I’m going to bend over backwards to make it next year.” He confessed in the middle of the celebration.

The concrete thing is Nadal hit the table in the fight to be considered the best tennis player of all time. With the title in Melbourne he reached 21 and took off Federer’s 20who has already warned that he will not return at least until Wimbledon and that with 41 years and almost two without playing he does not seem to have many chances to continue adding, and from Djokovic, that he will have to rethink his anti-vaccine position if he intends to continue in the fight on equal terms. The Serb, deported from Australia after his dispute with the judicial and government authorities, missed his big chance in his favorite tournament -he won it nine times- and his future on the circuit is quite uncertain, beyond the fact that he could go to defend his Roland Garros title for having had coronavirus in the last six months.

But in the midst of that fight, the stars of modern tennis continue to show their sportsmanship: both Federer and Djokovic congratulated Nadal for beating them.. “To my friend and great rival: congratulations, from the bottom of my heart, for being the first to win 21 Grand Slam titles,” Federer wrote on his Instagram story. “A few months ago we joked that we were both on crutches. Never underestimate a great champion. I am proud to share this era with you”added the Swiss, who is recovering from knee surgery and has not played on tour since the Wimbledon quarterfinals in 2021.

Meanwhile, the number one in the world highlighted the fighting spirit that the Spaniard showed to win the victory and the title. “Congratulations to Rafael Nadal for the twenty-first Grand Slam. Incredible achievement. Impressive fighting spirit that prevailed at all times. Congratulations”, the Serb wrote on his Twitter account, in a message in which he also congratulated Medvedev on his great match. It is that as much as the biggest prize is the place in history, At this point, each achievement of one of them magnifies what the other two have achieved.

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The day Rafa Nadal dressed as Rocky Balboa | Cinematic triumph of the Spanish to achieve his Grand Slam 21

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