The death of “El Zorro” in Argentina: this is how they found the actor Guy Williams in Recoleta

Hollywood was not on Argentina’s radar in May 1989. Hyperinflation, the political crisis of alfonsinismo and the imminent presidential elections put the focus elsewhere. Perhaps that is why the news of the tragedy in the country of such an important figure for the show went unnoticed. Guy Williamsthe protagonist of The Foxdied at the beginning of that month in the Recoleta apartment where he lived. His body was found almost a week later..

The old man’s news archive Channel 13 (now, the thirteen) retrieves part of the testimonies of that moment: the one in charge of the building where they found him, the sadness of the actor Rolo Bridge whom Williams often saw, the memory of Mirtha Legrand in the Recoleta cemetery and the word of the actor’s last couple.

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How they found Guy Williams when he died in Argentina

In the chronicle made by the journalist Osvaldo Logaresone of the most important testimonies is that of the daughter of the manager of the building of Ayacucho 1964. Williams resided on the second floor. “She lived here three years ago. Since my dad has the keys to all the apartments, he entered her. She found everything off already Guy Williams lying on the floor next to the bed”, he described.

“El Zorro”, the series for which Guy Williams became famous (Photo: Capture eltrece)

The man managed to enter the place, after the warning of a neighbor who had warned that there was a bad smell. Williams suffered a brain aneurysm, as detailed by the doctors later. She was 65 years old.

Logares also spoke with Walter, the goalkeeper. The man reported that the actor had undergone surgery a few years earlier. “They had to take him to the San Fernando Valley for surgery. had a stroke from which he was left with a certain speech problem, from which, later, he was able to recover, ”he explained.

Rolo Puente, one of Guy Williams’ Buenos Aires friends

the protagonist of The Fox he had been fascinated with Argentina. For this reason, when he saw the fury that there was for his character and his figure, he stayed to live in the country. At the same time, he also loved “porteñoness”: He was a faithful assistant at the bar La Biela, in the Recoleta. There he met figures from the show business of that time, the ’80s.

Among the people he frequented the most was Rolo Puente, the well-remembered television hit actor from the ’70s and ’80s as Don Mateo’s hairdresser, King Solomon’s Mines and other fictions created by Gerardo Sofovich.

Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega in "The Fox".  (Photo: Disney)
Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega in “El Zorro.” (Photo: Disney)

The actor spoke that day and was surprised by the way Williams died. “I was alone, it is much sadder still of what death itself has of sadness”, he commented.

Then, he explained that his colleague was doing well physically. “Every day he took long walks and bullfights in this area (Recoleta). He went to Palermo and came back. Afterwards he would stop here with us to chat for a while and have a coffee. He was a man that I I have never seen him drink alcoholic beverages“, hill.

What Mirtha Legrand said when Guy Williams died

The note retrieved by the current file TN Y the thirteen It also shows how Williams’ farewell was in the Recoleta cemetery. There were about 50 people, including colleagues, relatives and admirers.

The drawer where they took his remains was covered with the flag of the United States and there was only one crown. Too low profile for a star of his level.

Guy Williams, as "The Fox".  (Photo: Disney)
Guy Williams as “Zorro” (Photo: Disney)

One of the few famous people who was there was Mirtha Legrand, who remembered him very fondly. “He was a lovely man. With a great sense of humor. The taxi driver who brought me to the cemetery told me, ‘he gave me so much happiness in my youth’. He really moved me. He made us all happy,” he commented.

The driver explained that she had met him on a professional level because she went to her television program a lot. “I had seen it not long ago And I really loved this country.”

The success of El Zorro and the early retirement of Guy Williams

The true identity of the star The Fox it was Armand Joseph Catalanoeven though his family she always called him Armando. Son of Italians who migrated to the United States, he was born on January 14, 1924 in New York.

At the age of 33, Guy Williams became the protagonist of the mythical story of adventure and action that Walt Disney produced in the late 1950s. There were two years, between 1957 and 1959, that had 82 episodes.

Guy Williams, in Mar del Plata when he first came to Argentina.  (Photo: Facebook)
Guy Williams, in Mar del Plata when he first came to Argentina. (Photo: Facebook)

Based on the character created by Johnston McCulley, fiction had sword battles, fights and horse chases all the time. “Walt Disney was the biggest fan. He really liked this kind of action. He always went on Fridays, which was the day we trained for the fight, ”said Williams himself, in an interview with Susana Gimenez in 1988.

The end of The Fox it was premature, since the series was successful on TV. The problem was due to a legal dispute between Disney with the chain ABC that, although it was resolved in favor of the company that created Mickey Mouse, finally they did not record new episodes.

After finishing starring The Fox, Williams kept working for a while in recognized fictions: The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor, Bonanza Y Lost in Space. That science fiction series was his last work. He was 44 years old and tired of fame.

Guy Williams and Aracelli Lisazo, his great love from Argentina.  (Photo: Facebook)
Guy Williams and Aracelli Lisazo, his great love from Argentina. (Photo: Facebook)

The constant reruns of the fiction that made him a figure took his face to different regions. Among them, there was Argentina, where his episodes were seen again and again on the screen of the old Channel 13 (now the thirteen) commanded by Goar Master.

Thus, Williams came to the country. The actor came in the early ’70s, while The Fox still had very high popularity among the children’s audience. “I like Argentina. I come and go from New York to here. It started with roasts. I like people”, assured Williams himself with Susana Giménez.

How Guy Williams died

On May 8, 1989, the cover of the newspaper Clarín left no doubt. Surrounded by huge headlines about football results, a box read: “Died in Buenos Aires, Guy Williams, ‘El Zorro'”.

The actor had been found on the second floor of the apartment which he rented in Buenos Aires, at 1964 Ayacucho Street. The cause of his death was sudden: he suffered a brain aneurysm. He was 65 years old.

The cover of the day it was learned that Guy Williams had died.  (Photo: Clarin)
The cover of the day it was learned that Guy Williams had died. (Photo: Clarin)

“It was the worst of my life what I suffered on May 1, 1989. Because I was waiting. Guy had his word and told me on April 30 that he was going to call my house to ask my mother for my hand, “he recalled. Aracelli Lizasothe Argentine partner of Williams, in a report that the radio did in 2020 FM 10 of Bolivar.

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He was never able to communicate. It was a neighbor who alerted the police with a call due to the bad smell that emerged from the apartment where the actor lived. Until 1991, his remains rested in the pantheon reserved for the Argentine Association of Actors in the Recoleta cemetery. Then, as was his will, his ashes were scattered in California.

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The death of “El Zorro” in Argentina: this is how they found the actor Guy Williams in Recoleta

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