The differences between Hawaii Five-0 and the new CBS television series NCIS Hawaii

Ever since the premiere of the new CBS series NCIS Hawaii, viewers have been drawing various comparisons to Hawaii Five-0, due to the fact that both shows are set on the island of Hawaii and part of the plot is similar. However, there are clear differences and fans have cataloged the best.

the television network CBS uses the island of Hawaii as the setting for several of the procedural dramas, giving them a shared aesthetic. The series Magnum PI Y Hawaii Five-0 they even had a crossover during their respective times. Each of these programs has its strengths and weaknesses, but NCIS: Hawaii it has learned from the lessons of its predecessors and has distinguished itself by finding the necessary balance in its history and the clear differences.

Which show is watched more NCIS Hawaii or Hawaii Five-0?

An area where NCIS: Hawaii easily outperforms Hawaii Five-0 It is the realism of the story. The Hawaii Five-0 series undermines its credibility by constantly trying to raise the stakes on a case or crime of the week, especially in recent seasons. Viewers may believe in a rocket attack on a tourist helicopter, but when major terrorist attacks, organized crime or large-scale conspiracies take place every week, some viewers begin to doubt.

On the other hand, there are many crimes and murders in the series NCIS Hawaiibut cases are mostly plausible. This may be because the series Hawaii Five-0 it lasted 10 seasons, so it had to constantly evolve. This phenomenon also occurs in NCIS, which is no stranger to complex plots, such as when popular characters are framed for murder.

All series of CBS offer viewers gorgeous Hawaiian scenery, but NCIS: Hawaii it is more grounded and allows the island to stand out more authentically. While Hawaii Five-0, there were many clichés about beaches, condominiums and tourist places. The new franchise program NCIS offers more true-to-life locations and shots of the locals. Images of beaches and condominiums have been replaced by images of bays and middle-class neighborhoods.

NCIS Hawaii and Hawaii Five-0 the most emblematic programs on the island

This authenticity is not limited to the setting, but is also present in the characters. Although the case of the week is the highlight of any series, NCIS: Hawaii has done an excellent job of developing the lives and relationships of its main characters in just its first season.

Hawaii Five-0 attempted to incorporate the love interests of Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin) to the plot of the series, which never caught on. Although Jane Tennant (vanessa lachey) had several potential romantic relationships, NCIS: Hawaii he was slow to play with those possibilities and developed it without taking any romantic relationships into account. Although it is the decision of each viewer which is his favorite program, it only remains to wait for the development of the new spin-off of the NCIS franchise.

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The differences between Hawaii Five-0 and the new CBS television series NCIS Hawaii

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