“The English spy (The Courier)”: Historical espionage in the Cuban missile crisis.

The English Spy (The Courier), is a 2020 movie from the english director Dominic Cooke. In its 111 minutes, it deals with the historical episode of espionage during the call Cold War Come in USA and the Soviet Union. Realized by Production Company 42, SunnyMarch and Filmnation Entertainment.

It was previewed at sundance festival 2020 Y Merab Ninidze was nominated as a candidate for Best Actor Award in the BIFA, British Independent Film Awards. Premiere planned in Spain for the October 29th of 2021.

Review of ‘The English Spy (The Courier)’

Data sheet

Title: the english spy
Original title: The Courier

Benedict Cumberbatch (Greville Wynne)
Rachel Brosnahan (Emily Donovan)
Jessie Buckley (Shelia)
Merab Ninidze (Oleg Penkovsky)
Angus Wright (dickie franks)

Year: 2020
Duration: 111 minutes
Country: USA
Director: Dominic Cooke
Script: Tom O’Connor
Photography: Sean Bobbitt
Music: Abel Korzenioswski
Gender: Drama. spies
Distributor: Diamond Films Spain



Trailer for ‘The English Spy (The Courier)’

Synopsis for ‘The English Spy (The Courier)’

During the cold war between USA Y Russiathe engineer Greville Wynne (benedict cumberbatch) infiltrates as a spy in the MI5British intelligence service.

When the Cuban missile crisis promises to tip the balance in favor of the Soviet country, Wynne will start working with INC to leak information about the plan that the Russians have in place and thus avoid a catastrophe.

the english spy
Photo distributed by Diamond Films Spain

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union

The English Spy (The Courier) it’s a thriller of the usually attractive espionage genre. On this occasion the English film also adds that it is based on real events of a particularly delicate historical period.

Behind the Second World War Tensions persisted between the two great political blocs of West and the Soviet Union. In 1960 a moment of great risk in the arms race is reached. USA and the soviet u. they had weapons capable of destroying humanity.

nuclear tests in the Arctic by Russia and the precedents of the launch by USA of nuclear bombs in Japan.

the english spy reviews the failure of a previous espionage mission of the INC in Moscow where the agent is detained Popov. Faced with this strategic weakness, the US espionage agency contacts the British intelligence agency. M16.

The objective of the new mission is to discover the plans of the Soviet Union to establish long-range missile bases in Cuba to be able to attack USA.

The documented script Tom O’Connor places us in the background of the great arms tensions of the moment.

To camouflage the operation, the English agency decides to recruit a businessman by training him. He is contacted and finally chosen Greyville Wynne, benedict cumberbatcha discreet commercial representative married with a small son.

The mission entrusted to Wynne by the British intelligence service is to get and filter the maximum information about Russian plans to avoid a catastrophe.

The Courier
Photo distributed by Diamond Films Spain

The Soviet contact of the English agent

From now on the communications of the new spy with the M16 will be channeled through their superiors, Emily Donovan, Rachel Brosnahanand Dickie Franks, Angus Wright.

the english spy add to this starting position the contact that has been established by a Russian colonel concerned about world security. Oleg Penkovsky, Merab Ninidzesend a letter to M16 warning of the great danger of a catastrophe. That is why the new English agent must meet with Penkovsky and establish the beginning of the informative collaboration.

During the film, the great performance of the actor stands out. benedict cumberbatch in the leading role of the English spy. Sober acting that maintains much of the weight of the dramatic action. He also gives a great performance Merab Ninidze for which he was nominated for the Best Actor Award in the British Independent Film Awards.

the english spy shot in prague Y London It has a good atmosphere and photography adjusted to the genre by Sean Bobbitt.

Director Dominic Cooke gives us some aesthetic scenes like the ones filmed in The London Coliseum. Beautiful sequence with the performance of National Ballet of England representing Swan Lake.

During the english spy Western and Russian classical musical themes mark the contexts of the locations of the dramatic action. The successful musical direction of Abel Korzeniowski is an extra to be thankful for in this historical espionage film.

the english spy
Photo distributed by Diamond Films Spain

Sometimes a lie is an act of love

The human drama of The English Spy (The Courier) runs parallel to the development of the espionage mission. As a security rule, the wives and children of espionage agents are totally unaware of the work of their partners.

They camouflage their frequent trips London a Moscow and the meetings between the English spy and the Russian colonel as forced by their business dealings.

The pace of the film sometimes suffers from some slowness and the footage could have been cut somewhat for a better final result. Despite this, the dramatic tension and interest are maintained.

At the same time that the delivery of stolen information on Cuban missile bases and Soviet weapons is developing, the friendship between the two collaborators of the English mission is growing.

The presentation of their families in different sequences illustrates their human component, also used by the screenwriter to add tension.

As in any classic espionage movie, counterespionage and suspicions also appear in this one. The counter-surveillance will start to act adding interest to the plot as the film draws to a close.

The last part of the english spy is dedicated to the outcome of the mission. Correct closure of the film with the always grateful information in the final credits commenting on the lives of its real characters.

The Courier
Photo distributed by Diamond Films Spain

Conclusion of ‘The English Spy (The Courier)’

The English Spy (The Courier) It is an interesting film that illustrates us about a transcendental historical era. Based on real events, it develops the espionage mission designed from the ground up. M16 english on request INC.

The goal was to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. discovering the Cuban launch bases for Soviet missiles against US territory. Although somewhat long in footage, the interest of the plot and the good acting performances make his vision recommendable.

Report of The English Spy (The Courier) in TVE Film Days


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