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The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2 is a sequel that returns to star Denzel Washington. Directed by Antoine Fuqua


The Equalizer 2 is a good movie within its genre. Let’s not expect a transgressive speech because the truth is that the tape has a traditional and sometimes treacherous speech.


Robert McCall is a guy who goes around making the world fairer with smacks, shots. A kind of Texas Ranger but without so much smiling child, although in the end we have the same speech with different actors (one won an Oscar, and that is appreciated, yes).

The movie

Well, less action than we expect. Yes, it’s a classic movie of those who hit and shoot and chase, but it’s also a bit… traditional and outdated speech that makes us like the movie a lot less. Neither is Die Hard with jokes and outbursts (and that is classic and American), but this one leaves us with a taste of… I expected something more.

Denzel Washington is very good, yes, in a role that is not very good either but, strangely, it is the first time that he repeats himself in a role (and that he had been offered it several times). It strikes us that he did so on this occasion, in a somewhat bland and flat protagonist who doesn’t do much (and we already know what Washington has been like, choosing sometimes quite risky roles that gave a lot to talk about, with many bends and twists).

The Equalizer 2

Considering that it may be the best thing we can find to see on a Friday night alone or with a partner (with children I don’t know anymore, ask the spirits), the film becomes somewhat boring if what we expect is a good action movie with its ironic touch. It gives us the feeling that this one lacks a bit of bad temper.

In any case, it’s a good movie in the genre that Americans are scared of, which is action movies. They are the best and this one, without being a masterpiece of its kind, is a good example of it.

We give it three stars to spend two fun hours and believe, once again, in justice and in good guys.

The cast

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington at the 17th Annual American Cinematheque Award, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA 06-12-02. depostiphotos

Denzel Washington is an American actor and director known for Training Day Y Philadelphia among many.

Denzel Washington was born on December 28, 1954 in Mount Vernon, New York, (United States).

Denzel Washington debuted in a movie Bud Greenspan call Wilma (1977). He became known in the 80s, with movies like Cry Freedom (1986) and the following year he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Glory Times (1989).

Some movies of this very good actor that we like: The Demon Wears Blue (1995, Malcolm X (1992), Fallen (1998) or, of course, Training Day (2001)beside ethan hawke. The latter earned him the Oscar for Best Actor that year.

We also love in Little Details (2021) and especially in The Flight (2012)of robert zemeckis. That movie is so much to think about. She left us speechless.

As a director (among others) he has directed the film Fences (2016).


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