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A strange and inexplicable absence. A film license that should have shone in the world of video games, but is not there, does not exist. With a razor-sharp Kurt Russell playing the indomitable Snake Plissken, directed by the great John Carpenter, Escape From New York (1981) is one of the best action movies ever filmed. It had a not-so-wonderful (but just as good) sequel and some loose comics. But in video games, nothing (except for a pretty bad fangame for C64). How is this possible!?

It seems that Namco is to blame. Sometime in 2002/2003, the company licensed the film and developed almost entirely a game starring Snake Plissken, using the talents behind “Dead to Rights 2” and the full collaboration of John Carpenter, Kurt Russell and DebraHill. Under the name “Snake Plissken’s First Escape“, it was supposed to be released at the end of 2005 for PlayStation 2. But nothing of that. Namco canceled the game without saying a word, and Snake was unable to escape oblivion. It wasn’t until 2013 that it made news again, thanks to this video uploaded by a mysterious Vimeo user.

According to him 2003 press releaseIt was assumed that “Snake Plissken’s First Escape” was going to be the first in a series of games where “fists, firearms, stealth and brains” would prevail. He would be voiced by Kurt Russell himself and penned by John Carpenter and Debra Hill on the story. They all seemed very excited. According to Andre Emerson, Senior Producer for Namco, “The opportunity to extend the Snake Plissken character through a video game franchise is a dream come true for us.” So much dream come true, so much dream come true, but they canceled it anyway and there is not a single clue on the Internet that allows us to speculate about it. In fact, the gameplay footage in motion shows it to be quite spectacular for the time, so it can’t have been a bad thing.

As you must have seen, the game promised The best of Metal Gear Solid (starring a Solid Snake that is clearly a tribute to Snake Plissken) but with the mechanics of Dead To Rights 2 (whose team Namco commissioned the development). It is understood that the game could have been bested through pure stealth or making good use of Snake’s super action moves, most notably the “disarm” (combos to disarm the enemy and strike them down with their own weapon). It looked great! Why did they deprive us of this, you bastards!? Let’s cross our fingers so that in the next few years some anonymous person will take pity on us and dedicate themselves to uploading the ISO to the web, because the prototype undoubtedly exists somewhere and we all deserve to play it.

Snake Plissken’s First Escape back cover

For more anger, with “Snake Plissken’s First Escape“There are already three canceled projects based on these action movies. The TV series “Escape From Earth” (which would continue the terrific ending of “Escape from LA”) was never accepted by any studio because of “dark and depressing” and the anime, which was being Produced by Production IG (the same as “Ghost in the Shell”), came to nothing. Welcome to the human race.

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The “Escape From New York” game we never saw (PlayStation 2) – NeoTeo

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