The Fox and the Little Tanuki by TAGAWA Mi

original edition: Korisenman (Mag Garden, 2018)
National edition/Spain: The fox and the little tanuki (Arechi Manga, 2022)
Script: TAGAWA My
He drew: TAGAWA My
Translation: Pol Roca
Format: Paperback with dust jackets. 160 pages
Price: €9

What unites the designs of the gods

“You will take care of that little tanuki until he becomes an admirable servant of the gods.”

In 2016, Milky Way Editions published a beautiful manga, set in 19th century Japan, which spoke with great feeling about parent-child relationships: Father and son. That was the first contact of Spanish readers with TAGAWA Mywho began his career as mangaka with this work, originally edited maggarden and concluded with a total of eight volumes. Now, hand in hand Arechiwe get his latest title, still in publication in the country of the rising sun —so far, it has five volumes—: The fox and the little tanuki. In the, Tagawa offers us a new story full of magic that promises to make us have a great time.

1667768556 968 The Fox and the Little Tanuki by TAGAWA MiSenzô was one day the terror of the let’s bake, animals that possess special powers and serve the gods. But this black fox caused so much havoc and had such terrible behavior with his fellow men and the divinity that the sun goddess herself punished him: after launching the wolves against him to defeat him, she plunged him into a sleep of three hundred years and Thus, he returned peace to the world. However, the time has come to wake him up, yes, with a series of conditions. In the first place, he will not be able to use his powers, since the sun goddess has been diminishing them little by little during the three centuries that Senzô has spent asleep. Second, he must always wear an offering and submit to the divine will if he does not want the wounds inflicted on him long ago to hurt. And finally, he must take care of a small tanuki and teach him until he becomes a servant of the gods. Of course, Senzô is not amused by his new situation, but he has no choice but to obey orders. From then on, his life will be transformed by the inexhaustible energy of the tanukiManpachi, who begins to see him as his only family.

A TAGAWA My He is very good at telling tender, endearing stories that warm the heart. He already demonstrated it with the adventures of Torakichi and Shirô in Father and sonand does it again in this first volume of The fox and the little tanuki. Although the context is different, in this new work some of the keys that were already seen in his previous work are appreciated: his ease in transmitting the emotions of the characters, his reflections on the bonds we forge with others, the true meaning of the word “family”. This time, to tell his story, Tagawa he uses creatures from Japanese folklore —on which he gives us some information between chapter and chapter— and Shinto divinities.

The fox and the little tanukiThe center of the manga are, without a doubt, Manpachi and Senzô. Both have a trait in common: loneliness. by becoming bakemonothe small tanuki He has had to give up his real family, even though he misses them. For his part, the fox isolated himself from others because of his brutality and the terrible attitude he exhibited in the past. These differences, both in character and in their circumstances, will make their relationship not always easy, especially for Senzô, who has been given a series of tasks that he does not want to fulfill. This is one of the strengths of the manga TAGAWA My: the comings and goings of the protagonists. The case of Senzô stands out especially, always in contradiction. On the one hand, she looks at the world with disenchantment and anger, she tells Manpachi that the only thing she will find in him is rejection, she barely collaborates with him. tanuki when you have to take on a mission. On the other, and although he does not want to admit it, there is something in the small bakemono that begins to crack that mask of a tough, evil and unfeeling guy. Tagawa handles these dualities very well to get its protagonists to advance little by little.

Because The fox and the little tanuki is a manga about characters and their need to find a place to belong. In this sense, small adventures and quests serve this purpose: they allow you to learn step by step, “grow” alongside each other.

The fox and the little tanukiIf we look at the drawing, what stands out the most is the ability to TAGAWA My to characterize their let’s bake, those animals capable of transforming and even acquiring human appearance. In this first volume, the characters spend most of their time in the form of a dog, fox, or tanuki, but that does not prevent the author from giving them expressiveness and personality. Manpachi, Senzô, Koyuki and the others have very different personalities that are perfectly reflected in the strokes of Tagawa: the energy of the adorable and optimistic wagon of tanukithe brusqueness of the terrible fox that scared so many in its time and that now exhibits a hard shell to break, the enthusiasm and kindness of the white fox that has them in charge… Likewise, the difference between normal animals and the let’s bake thanks to their gestures, to their faces. For example, although it does not appear much, in the case of the true family of Manpachi the author uses a more realistic drawing.

If you are looking for an endearing story that will make you smile, The fox and the little tanuki it’s a good option. Senzô —despite his almost constant bad mood— and, above all, Manpachi, with his positivity and innocence, win over the reader right away. Let’s see how their relationship develops in the following volumes!

The best

• The expressiveness of the characters in TAGAWA My.
• How well the author manages and expresses the emotions of her protagonists.


• The volume ends at an interesting point and you have to wait to read the next one.

Original edition: Korisenman (Mag Garden, 2018) National/Spain edition: The fox and the little tanuki (Arechi Manga, 2022) Script: TAGAWA My Drawing: TAGAWA My Translation: Pol Roca Format: Paperback with dust jackets. 160 pages Price: €9 What unites the designs of the gods “You will take care of that little tanuki until he is…

The Fox and the Little Tanuki by TAGAWA Mi

The Fox and the Little Tanuki by TAGAWA Mi


Laura Bald

Dash – 8

Drawing – 8

Interest – 8


The first volume of The fox and the little tanukiof TAGAWA Mylays the foundations for an endearing story based on Japanese folklore.

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The Fox and the Little Tanuki by TAGAWA Mi

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