The fox guarding the corral

On July 1, 1985, the BOE published the Organic Law of the Judiciary that established the system of election of the members of the General Council of the Judiciary. Some jurists and constitutional experts stated: “With this law, the Government destroys the division of powers and the Rule of Law.” About Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu, creator of the theory of the division of powers, an immature Alfonso Guerra would say at that time that “Montesquieu is dead”, as if to say that his doctrine was antediluvian. Of those powders, these muds. In the quagmire in which Pedro Sánchez has put the Constitution of 78, Spain is stuck. Like that War of 85, Sánchez is uncomfortable with the division of powers, preferring the division between Spaniards. He no longer surprises the way he perpetrates his misdeeds: with unabashed cynicism as a flag. In the recent celebration of Constitution Day, Sánchez, an ally of the separatist coup and an accomplice of the filoetarras, appeared to the journalists who were covering the event as a sublime protector of the Magna Carta, reproaching the opposition for failing to comply with the constitution for blocking the appointment of judges. With Sánchez, the saying think wrong and be right it becomes logical.

The cynicism of the fox that guards the corral has already been denounced by Jean François Revel, a teacher of liberals, accusing that Soviet communism of the Cold War for proclaiming itself a protective shield of freedom against the monster of fascism. This lie was supported in free Europe by communist leaders and Marxist intellectuals and journalists who fed the false belief that fascism was the only enemy of democracy and that its defeat in 1945 was not final, but rather that the monstrosity could be remade. his hosts. Faced with such a threat, communism remained alert, establishing itself as a defender of freedom. Those soft and placid democratic societies swallowed the lie and for more than forty years public opinion did not notice the true face of communism that, behind its sheep’s clothing, hid a tragic and disturbing trajectory full of persecutions, purges, Czechs, ” gulags”, genocides and a long list of human rights violations. Thus, the left managed to divert the attention of the naive democrats towards an imminent and dangerous fascist revival, preventing eyes and suspicions from focusing on an ideology as totalitarian and bloodthirsty as fascism, but unique in its use of deception: the communist one.

The same troll, of being now a gendarme of the Constitution and the Rule of Law, Sánchez is recounting while applying the program of the sleeper Iglesias (“breaking the lock of 78”). And many citizens enraptured with the argument act as dupes. What is happening in Spain cannot be resolved from the strict sphere of politics. It is not a problem that concerns political parties, but concerns the entire society, its institutional, economic and social structures. It is true that for some, the excesses of the President of the Government are indifferent because of this modern tendency to judge, not the transcendent, but ethics itself, as an intimate manifestation of man who should not have a place in the public space. But it is a priority to provide politics with an essential moral dimension. Today, in the name of the democratic majority, violations are being perpetrated, not only of morality, but also of Law. It seems as if the reason for the votes, not the reason for the reason, acted as brute force to overthrow legislation and bring down legal systems, supplanting them with others tailored to the measure of power. This is how the Rule of Law is instrumentalized and the legitimacy of the ruler’s exercise is squandered, reissuing the gloomy Hitlerian model that, due to its totalitarian nature, ended up overthrowing natural law, previously trampling on morality. When this manipulation of the institutions is unleashed, when democratic degradation occurs, we are left in the hands of criminal psychopaths who sacrifice the institutions on the altar of their personal interests.

A separatist offensive sponsored by his puppet, Sánchez, is underway, which seeks to break the unity of the nation and with it, the equality of all Spaniards. This offensive also threatens freedom. Because what is at stake is not the homeland or its symbols, not even the Constitution itself, what is at stake is freedom, which has always had the same enemy: totalitarianism. And Sánchez’s project is totalitarian. If against inflation, he had made the same effort as in his harassment of the judges, another rooster would crow in the corral.

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The fox guarding the corral

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