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Hello dear reader, how are you? I hope you and your loved ones have a year of blessings and health. Now, I wanted to tell you that I had no idea what I could write for the first article of the year, but as always Zorro saves the underdog. How did I get to this topic? Thanks to the music of the well-known Disney series. But are they still broadcasting El Zorro in Argentina? Yes, El Zorro has been broadcast on channel 13, almost continuously since the early 1960s.

But in addition, the protagonist of the famous series, Guy Wiliiams, was in love with Buenos Aires, to the point that he not only lived his last years in the Argentine capital, but in fact died in the well-known neighborhood of Recoletas.

How did El Zorro get to Argentina?

It turns out that in 1972 the executives of channel 13, seeing that the masked swordsman series had a high rating, decided to bring Williams to promote the program. The actor arrived in the country on April 1, 1973, and as soon as he landed at the Ezeiza airport, El Zorro fell in love not only with the city, but with his people. As a color note, the same day that Guy arrived, so did the then president-elect Héctor José Campora, who had just spoken with Juan Domingo Perón, who was in exile in Madrid. Even some of those who received the actor at the airport shouted “El Zorro and Perón the same heart.”

On that first visit, the actor walked around Buenos Aires wearing the characteristic hat of El Zorro, so that people would recognize him, although this was not necessary, since the face of Don Diego de La Vega was famous throughout the continent at that time. .

During his first visit to the Argentine capital, the actor donned the Zorro costume again to participate in several television specials, where he showed off his skill with the sword in exhibitions with the Argentine Olympic fencer Fernando Lúpiz.

Months later, specifically on July 14, 1973, Guy Williams returned to Buenos Aires, but this time he did not come alone, but was accompanied by his colleague Henry Calvin, better known throughout the world as Sergeant García. People were surprised when they saw Calvin because he had lost a lot of weight, to the point that for a television program where he once again played his famous character, pillows had to be put under his suit. Months later Calvin died as a result of throat cancer.

On that second visit Guy Williams had even more presence in the emblematic programs of Argentine television, for example, he was in Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand, El Circo de Carlitos Balá and the Tato Bores program, among others.

Then El Zorro returned to Argentina several more times, in fact, he toured the country from December 1977 to March 1978, again exhibiting fencing with Fernando Lúpiz at the famous Real Madrid Circus.

Together with Lúpiz himself and the renowned singer Palito Ortega, Williams began the production of the film “El Hijo de El Zorro” which would star him and the Argentine fencer and would be filmed in the country. But the military dictatorship and high production costs left this project unfinished.

In 1983 the actor Guy Williams divorced his wife Janice Cooper and continued to come to Buenos Aires, until two years later in 1985, he settled permanently in the Recoleta neighborhood until his death in April 1989.

It was the person in charge of the building and some neighbors who noticed a strong odor coming from Guy’s apartment, located in Ayacucho 1964, who found his body. The autopsy revealed that the legendary Zorro died as a result of a brain aneurysm, a week before the terrible discovery (His death was dated April 30, 1989).

The remains of Guy Williams rested for more than a decade in the pantheon of the Argentine Association of Actors, a distinction that is only granted to actors born in Argentina. 11 years later, a son of the actor received the ashes of his father and scattered them in the mountains of California, as requested by El Zorro.

That is why some dare to say that El Zorro was not from California but from Buenos Aires.

Photo courtesy of Channel 13

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The Fox of Buenos Aires – ViceVersa Magazine

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