The incredible physical change of Michelle Borth after her departure from Hawaii Five-0

Actress Michelle Borth had one of the biggest roles on the Hawaii Five-0 series, but her sudden departure surprised many viewers, especially now that her appearance has changed in a big way.

The debut of Hawaii Five-0 in 2010 it was a great success for the television CBS with an incredible cast and 10 seasons on the air. Each episode of the series has had great main and guest stars, such as the actress Michelle Borth. His departure is one of the most talked about among fans of the police drama, although the exact reason why he left has not been revealed, what has surprised fans is the new facet of him after leaving the role of the.

What happened to Michelle Borth after her departure from Hawaii Five-0

As fans will remember, actress Michelle Borth played Catherine Rollins in the series Hawaii Five-0. He was part of a special unit of Marines that went from town to town in Afghanistan. Rollins is the girlfriend of the protagonist of the series, Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin), and they met while attending the Naval Academy on the island of Hawaii.

Though Michelle Borth not part of the main cast when the series first aired, he appeared in the fourth episode of the first season. She quickly became an occasional romantic counterpart to Steve McGarrett, and after a guest role on the second season of Hawaii Five-0, Borth became part of the regular cast in the third and fourth seasons. After two seasons as a series regular, he left the series, though he often guest-starred.

The specific reason why the Catherine Rollins star left her permanent position at Hawaii Five-0, although it is known that some members of the fandom did not like his character for Steve McGarrett. In any case, it seems that the departure was partly friendly, since Michelle Borth he returned at least seven times since the season four finale. However, after several years and with new projects, the star has changed her physique a lot compared to the beginning as everyone knew her.

Michelle Borth remains in good spirits despite her departure from Hawaii Five-0

The last time she was seen in the series was when she decided to stay in Afghanistan to track down the son of the man who had previously saved her life. In the fifth season she returns for Kono’s wedding (Grace Park) and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), while episode 6 focuses on McGarrett’s inability to establish a long-term relationship, and the rest of the episodes focus on one-off missions.

since you left Hawaii Five-0, Michelle Borth She has landed various roles, most recently as Mary in Shazam and Lana Lawton in The Christmas Thief series. Many viewers continue to regret that she did not appear on the CBS crime series, as she had high hopes for the plot between her character and the of the actor Alex O’Loughlin.

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The incredible physical change of Michelle Borth after her departure from Hawaii Five-0

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