The Last of Us: first reaction says it has the style of Blade 2

The Last of Us: first reaction says it has the style of Blade 2

The premiere of The Last of Us is getting closer and fans of the acclaimed video game are waiting, longing for the adaptation to be as exciting as Naughty Dog’s work. Some lucky ones already had the opportunity to see some exclusive material and the first reaction is already available, ensuring that the new HBO series has a bit of the style of Blade II (59%).

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The Last of Us is a title for PlayStation that caught the gamer world in 2013. The plot places us in an apocalypse: a dangerous virus is unleashed on the world, turning humans into cannibalistic beasts capable of infecting others with a simple bite. In the midst of the terrible panorama, Ellie and Joel, two survivors, make their way in a mission that will put their lives in danger, but that will also change them forever. Winner of countless awards, The Last of Us It has become one of the most powerful and influential video games in recent years.

a journalist from vulture, straw Y A.V. Club shares his initial opinion on the series on Twitter The Last of Usassuring that it refers us enough to the sequel directed by Guillermo del Toro some years ago.

Extremely strong energy from BLADE II. I am laughing out loud with delight and overwhelmed with emotional turmoil!

The Last of Us has the performance of Peter Pascalwho in recent years has become the obsession of social networks thanks to productions such as Game of Thrones (59%) Y The Mandalorian (91%); Y Bella Ramseywho stood out some time ago as Lyanna Mormont in the final seasons of Game of Thrones, the iron leader of Bear Island who was not afraid to give her life to protect the North. Both actors won the hearts of the public with their respective characters, making the wait for the new HBO series even more exciting and euphoric.

Video game adaptations to film and television tend to have quite bad luck among critics and fans themselves, there are many examples, however, in more recent years we have had surprising successes such as Sonic The Movie (89%), Arcane (100%) either Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (93%); It seems that the minds behind their achievements discovered the secret to enter the respective game worlds with the help of television and cinema.

Does the series of The Last of Us Will it be successful enough to take the story to the events of the sequel to the first video game released in 2020? The launch time of The Last of Us II it was pretty dark. Not even the first 24 hours had elapsed since the publication when the comments on specialized networks and websites were already lamentable. Many fans did not touch their hearts and condemned the title for everything; the fiercest criticism was directed towards the aspects of the script that apparently do not make sense, the development of some characters and an ending that many could not accept. The Last of Us Part II It divided opinions and it will be interesting to see if it has scope on the small screen. We hope that this is not the case with the television adaptation.

The first season of The Last of Us premieres on the HBO Max platform on January 15, 2023. A lot awaits us Peter Pascal during the first months of next year.

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The Last of Us: first reaction says it has the style of Blade 2

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