The latest episode of Trigger Point is now available on Movistar Plus

If as viewers we are already used to something, it is definitely at police series, which have varied from Law & Order (1999) to Conviction (2016) or 9-1-1 (2018), and even though they are the same in concept, each one has something truly unique that makes it just as enjoyable than the rest. This is how Trigger Point: Out of Control has earned its place in this broad group of series, whose final chapter will be available on Movistar Plus from July 18, 2022.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the series shows a professional group of bomb squads, who are the experts in handling explosives, on the front lines of action, which means they are constantly in stressful situations, which which in fact we can appreciate due to the level of veracity so elaborate that it handles, something that you will not often see on television.

official synopsis

Trigger Point: Out of Control follows Lana Washington, an agent experienced in disposing of explosive devices, which is why she is dubbed an “Expo.” Together with her we can meet Joel Nutkins, with whom she served in the army during the Afghan war. However, not everything is perfect, as Lana must undergo an operation that unfortunately ends in tragedy, leaving her Psychological consequences.

From that moment she loses control, although that does not prevent her from leading a team as well as a special investigation, since it seems that the terrorist attacks that are taking place in London are targeting the bomb squad. The stress is increasing and the only questions she has are how can I prove it? Who is behind these attacks and why?

A rather peculiar series

Even though it currently registers 80% acceptance by critics, who consider that it is an original product, full of tension and action, the audience does not seem to have bought the idea, giving it a poor rating of 27%. The opinions seem to be focused on the word “disappointing”, and it is that for some, the personal dramas of its protagonists take attention away from the terrorist attacks of the narrative, which is obviously a mistake on the part of the writers.

However, it would be wrong to get carried away by negative opinions, since just as it is not so pleasant for some viewers, for others it genuinely meets the description of being realistic, being trapped by the intensity of its protagonist, Vicky McClure. There’s a great way to describe this program, and it was put together by Ed Cumming of the UK Independentwhere he compares Trigger Point to junk food, because it’s tasty while you’re eating it.

Cast and production

Fuera de control is a Peacock production, the streaming service that, among other projects, is responsible for the television adaptation of the lost symbol, novel written by Dan Brown. As for the script for the series, it is a work by debutant Daniel Brierley, being directed by Gilles Bannier and Jennie Darnell.

The cast, in addition to having McClure, is made up of Adrian Lester, Warren Brown, Kerry Godliman, Majinder Virk, Ralph Ineson and Mark Stanley, a duo that participated in the popular Game of Thrones series. @mundiario

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The latest episode of Trigger Point is now available on Movistar Plus

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