the legend of wonder woman

original edition: The Legend of Wonder Woman nos. 1-9 USA (DC Comics, 2015)
National edition/Spain: The Legend of Wonder Woman (ECC Editions 2016)
Script: Renae DeLiz.
He drew: Renae DeLiz.
inked: Renae DeLiz.
Color: Ray Dillon
Translation: Barbara Azagra Rueda.
Format: Hardcover, 296 pages. In color. €29.00.

The making of a heroine

There are many works that deal with the origin of Wonder Woman. There are works that do so from her own regular series, seeking to generate new concepts with which to redefine a character that has been in publishing for 80 years and that, as happens with everything, is always in constant evolution. On the other hand, there are works that move on the periphery of the regular series, such as the Tierra Uno initiative by big morrisonself-conclusive works, such as Wonder Woman: The True Amazon of Jill Thompsonor others in which its origin is not treated directly, focusing more on a twilight tone, such as Dead land of Daniel Warren Johnson or the most recent and pending to arrive in our country, History of the Amazonsof Kelly Sue DeConnick Y Phil Jimenezin which they are introduced to the very concept of the Amazons within the DC Universe, both for the seal of BlackLabel.

Wherever it comes from, the temptation is great and few authors do not succumb to entering into that subtle (or not) rewriting of its origin, seeking to be able to generate telluric movements with which to contribute something relevant and significant to such an important character.

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It is not the first work that has the Legend of Wonder Woman as its title, since a miniseries with the same title was published in the mid-eighties, written by Kurt Busiek and draw by Trina Robbins with which Wonder Woman maintained her presence in stores until the arrival of the work of George Perez after Crisis.

Within this line of peripheral works, the one that concerns us is positioned, The Legend of Wonder Woman, where the author, Renae DeLiz, in drawing and script work, faces the project of revisiting Diana’s origin with a new perspective regarding the established ones. A movement that moves Wonder Woman to a mythological level, separating her from certain established patterns and some questionable aspects in her relationship with the outside world, her relationship in Themyscira and her figure as princess of the Amazons and the discovery her staff.

The project was born with the intention of being published both on paper and digitally by the author and DC Comics where, through nine installments, going through Diana’s childhood and youth focusing on her mythological links and not so much on the superheroic part of the character, while laying the foundations for her construction as protector of the outside world.

It is a work from five years ago that had been pending review and that, motivated by the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman, we rescued to focus on a work with its pluses and minuses, but that manages to project an interesting version of Wonder Woman with added values ​​and discards about its origin, of undoubted potential. Without forgetting that many of them could well be transferred to what is supposed to be in canon for the character.

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Wonder Woman is a cultural reference. Like all references, it has canonical bases, established in its beginnings, which have been adapted over time. The character has had very dark periods in her editorial life, but she has managed to impose herself above stale trends to stand out and continue to be considered an icon.

The proposal of Renae DeLiz seeks to enter into a very important question of personal identity, around what I must be, versus what I want to be, influenced by the environmental pressure that surrounds Diana since her childhood on the island and her sisters and in the outside world where the internal conflict it flares up The author manages to build a story that projects in a balanced way the ideas on which she wants to focus, sinning only to develop them through an unnecessarily dense narrative, almost reaching repetition. The prose that she uses is excessive to achieve the desired objective, weighing down the message of the work. In short, the message is good, the execution failing when it comes to transmitting it. Little ability is noted when it comes to condensing and focusing ideas to take advantage of them more accurately in the communication that is generated between the work and the reader.

Diana’s life journey in the work takes place in a very specific period of history, with the world in the middle of World War II, which gives the work an adequate background to be able to delve into many of the issues that it wants to justify. address the author. The vision of the woman in the mid-forties colliding with the groundbreaking prism to that image that Diana embodies, with a more than interesting Etta Candy who serves as a sounding board for the events and experiences of Diana, are brought to the fore. plane as the backbone of a vitalist plot.

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On the other side of the quadrilateral there are two points that weaken the whole and add to the already mentioned excess of prose. The first is a color, from the hand of Ray Dillon, which greatly overexposes the masses of color, with very extreme gradients that can be interesting if you read the work in digital format, but that on paper can tire your eyes. The second is the drawing is yes, well Renae DeLiz it is shown to be very erratic in the action scenes, with serious problems when it comes to drawing the military setting, fighter planes, etc., which in the eyes of some knowledgeable reader can be annoying, since the Axis forces have planes that are visually barely indistinguishable from the Allied forces, specifically the American ones. That carelessness in attention to detail breaks the reading a bit.

A somewhat rigid drawing, with many limitations, that is solid in conversational moments, but that lacks dynamism when the plot requires it.

Therefore, it is a work about Wonder Woman, where Diana is full of insecurities, that evolves, that grows, that aspires to be what she wants to be, until she finds the key that her humanity is where all her strength hides. . An understanding of herself that unleashes what is hidden inside her to transform definitively. The work escapes conventionalisms, falls too often into American patriotism, but develops a story that has a clear message, stripping away many toxic aspects around the protagonist, to position an origin that looks to the past, but with a 21st century mentality. .

The best

• The reinvention of the origin.
• The message projected by the work.


• The abuse of dialogues and text.
• A very corseted drawing.
• An instrionic color.

Original Edition: The Legend of Wonder Woman nos. 1-9 USA (DC Comics, 2015) National/Spain edition: The Legend of Wonder Woman (ECC Editions 2016) Script: Renae De Liz. Drawing: Renae De Liz. Inking: Renae De Liz. Color: Ray Dillon Translation: Bárbara Azagra Rueda. Format: Cardboard, 296 pages. In color. €29.00.…

the legend of wonder woman

the legend of wonder woman


Gustavo Higuero

Dash – 6

Drawing – 6

Interest – 8


Brilliant in concept, weak technically.

A work that is brilliant in the characterization of Diana, but that falters in its proposal with an irregular plot, dense without need for it, which makes its virtues remain somewhat buried. The drawing does not quite have the strength that the script needs.

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the legend of wonder woman

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