The new and exotic destination of ‘Superman’ Howard away from the NBA

Life takes many turns, and who was going to tell Dwight Howard early in his NBA career that he would end up leaving the league to the other end of the world. And it is that, as the player himself has announced on his social networks, specifically in a story on his Instagram account, He has signed for the Taouyan Leopards, a Taiwanese basketball team.

the player, who has played 19 seasons in the best basketball league in the worldleaves the North American country for the first time to undertake his first adventure far from where he began his career. ‘Superman’ ended his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers last year, a franchise in which he won the 2020 Ringand, despite being a free agent, no team in the competition has been too interested in signing him, So you have decided to change your route.

In total, he has played 1,241 games in the North American league, in which he has averaged 15.7 points per game and 11.8 rebounds.. He leaves behind an NBA Champion Ring (2020), and several personal titles.

Being in the first quintet of rookies (2004/05), be 8 times All Star, be 8 times in the best team of the NBA season, integrate 5 times in the best defensive quintet in the NBA, being the NBA’s top shotper 2 times and the NBA’s top rebounder 5 times and being the NBA’s best defensive player 3 times. Almost nothing. And it could have been better…

One of the best youngsters in years

Dwight Howard in the Orlando Magic jersey in the 2012 season NBA

Despite the fact that his career has declined in recent seasons, the level he showed as soon as he arrived cannot be forgotten. Selected as pick nº1 by the Orlando Magic in the 2004 draftthe Atlanta center stood out in his first year in the league averaging a double-double during the season of 12 points and 10 rebounds, in addition to 1.7 blocks per game.

In Florida Bay they soon realized they had a diamond in the rough. So it was. The center, who was called the ‘new Saquille O’Neal’, was progressing in a competition in which he was an All-Star in his third year in it and in the following seven.

In 2008 he was the champion of the New Orleans Slam Dunk Contest, Leaving brutalities like this…

Little by little the Magic were forming a team around the ’12’ of the team, who reached his prime in the 2008/09 and 2009/10 seasons. The franchise managed to get to the NBA Finals twice in a row, but no luck.

In the 08/09 season, the Orlando team fell 4-1 on aggregate to Los Angeles Lakers led by a certain Kobe Bryant accompanied by Pau Gasol. The following year, they returned to stand in the Finals, but another of the best teams of those years defeated them, the Boston Celtics of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo.

Departure of the Magic

Aldridge (left) battles for the ball with Dwight Howard (right). EFE

The non-achievement of the titles caused Howard to ask for the transfer, and in the 2012/2013 season he was transferred, precisely, to the Lakers of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, where it didn’t work out, due to ego problems with the purple and gold ’24’.

The experiment barely lasted one course, since the following summer, ‘Superman’ headed to the Houston Rockets where he would join James Hardenbut the dream of the Ring was also frustrated.

success at last

Howard is fighting for a rebound in the 2019/20 season. NBA

As of 2016, the pivot was stumbling in the league changing teams every year, going through Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets and Washington Wizards, until in 2019/20 he came back to the Lakersthis time from LeBron James, where he ended up getting the coveted NBA Champion Ring.

after the title, Howard went to the Philadelphia 76ers the following year and on 21/22, last season, he returned to the Lakers for the third time, also unsuccessful.

Now, after ending the contract with the Los Angeles franchise and without a team all summer, Howard has decided to head to Taiwan, as the end of an NBA career that could have been more than it was.

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The new and exotic destination of ‘Superman’ Howard away from the NBA

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