The new Justice League specials will leave us this tribute to Superman by Tom King

With the initiative of the Justice League specials on each character, Tom King and Superman will see their paths intertwined

League of Justice

find an excuse to honoring the great heroes of publishing It is always a somewhat simpler task. No matter what’s going on in the vignettes, try to find a special occasion to review some interesting element of a superhero is always a good strategy. Recently in DC comics it seems that there has been a great loss in the Justice League, something that has inspired a series of special team numbers.

You don’t have to go very far to find out that things do not go well in the main team of DC Comics superheroes. Some time ago we found out that some of the main members of the group were going to pass away and this would generate a series of impressive consequences in our favorite heroes. When major figures in the fight against crime and the pursuit of justice leave us, it is often a blow to everyone.

All this has taken place in the event that became known as the Dark Crisis, but the publisher wanted to focus specials on the different members of the Justice League who have died. In this way, and trying to emulate a perfect universe for all of them, the creative teams of these specials have already been seen, which will have a single number, and which have been baptized as Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice. Each of these specials will feature the subtitle of the hero in question, something that serves as a small tribute.

A tribute to Superman and his companions in Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice

We have already shouted this from the rooftops, but Through these specials you will find that heroes who have lost their lives in the DC Comics continuity may have an idyllic world. In the form of an alternative universe we will be able to enjoy different situations for each of these heroes, serving this as a tribute to each of themso it was expected that some more elements of the plot and the creative teams could be known.

Although we already know all the creative teams, it has been seen that the periodicity will be monthly, so that they will begin to be published next July and by November it will be over. It begins with the special focused on Superman and ends with the Batman for November. Due to the structuring of the specials, we have only been able to see two covers of the one that affects the man of steel, since it is the closest one, being its arrival for next July 12. However, we let you all creative teams below:

League of Justice
  • superman special for July with scripts by Tom King and drawings by Chris Burnham.
  • Green Lantern Special for August with scripts by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and drawings by Fernando Blanco.
  • Wonder Woman Special for September with scripts by Tini Howard and drawings by Leila Del Duca.
  • Green Arrow Special for October with scripts by Stephanie Phillips and drawings by Clayton Henry.
  • batman special for November with scripts by Si Spurrier and drawings by Ryan Sook.

Although it can be seen that there will be specials for all these heroes, it is worth noting the information provided by the one that will arrive sooner. The great Tom King will be in charge of paying homage to the man of steel with a story that he tells us what would have happened if Jon Kent hadn’t grown up so fast and he would have remained the companion of his father, as a Robin for Superman. In this way, the tints that the rest of the specials will have will be like this, trying to glimpse what would have happened.

What will we see in the rest of the characters?

After have seen what it looks like we’ll have for Superman, we can only wonder what the rest will bring us. We have been able to know a lot of information about this number because he is supposed to be the first out, in addition to Tom King wanted to share some information with the mediaas he has greatly enjoyed writing this great character, something that he would like to do more times for the way you want to write it.

It is still early to see details of the rest of the specials, but It seems that each one will try to show us an idyllic life for each of the heroes they want to honor. With little shown about the last son of Krypton, our eyes turn to Green Lantern as he will be the next one heard from. before these great creative team we are waiting for the most interesting stories Surely more than one will be surprised.

League of Justice

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The new Justice League specials will leave us this tribute to Superman by Tom King

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