The nine best movies to watch for free this weekend (March 5-7): ‘Jack Reacher’, ‘Something About Mary’ and more

Another weekend is about to start and in Espinof we could not miss our appointment with the best movies that can be seen for free on national Spanish television these days.

Today there are nine chosen ones, because several that could have entered the list, such as ‘The Community’, ‘The Day of the Beast’ or ‘Predator’, had already done so in similar articles published in the last three months. Do not forget that it is a personal selection and those that have not been seen or have already been too forgotten are also left out.

Friday March 5

‘The Hunt for Red October’

Jack Ryan’s first adventure on the big screen is a very entertaining thriller aboard a submarine that left you wanting to see Alec Baldwin again playing the character played by Tom Clancy. Of course, here the real star of the show is a great Sean Connery.

22:00 at DMAX

Criticism in Espinof

‘The journey to nowhere’


Fernando Fernán Gómez brilliantly addressed the figure of the comedian in Spain, all the miseries and joys associated with such a noble profession throughout the Franco regime. José Sacristán is especially inspired by the main character, but all of his cast borders on a very high level. Very appropriate to recover it this weekend, which was the first winner of the Goya for best film.

22:00 in La 2

‘The jungle 4.0’


John McClane’s fourth adventure was a step backwards, since the character played by Bruce Willis lost several of the elements that made him a mythical character to bring him closer to the figure of the superman. However, it was still working quite well as action entertainment and the actor still knew how to use that charisma that he seems to have abandoned lately.

22:00 in Four

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Saturday March 6

‘Something happens with Mary’

Something's Up Mary

A mythical comedy that was a hit at the time, especially because of how funny some of its gags were. It is true that some of the excesses typical of the Farrelly films played against him, but there was also a small layer of bitterness that suited him like a fable and a wisely chosen and highly inspired cast.

22:00 in Neox

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‘Jack Reacher’

jack reacher

An interesting move by Tom Cruise, since here he got into the skin of a hero far removed from Ethan Hunt without losing an iota of conviction or dedication. Then it is true that it remains more of a luxury pastime than something really memorable, but the film hooks you from its powerful start and never lets you go.

22:10 on Antena 3

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Sunday March 7



I’m not going to say that it’s the last good Tim Burton film when he later released several worthwhile titles, but it was the last time he was especially inspired on all fronts, emphasizing what made his work stand out without transmitting any feeling tired. And in addition to being visually successful, it has an engaging script and a cast that invites you to let yourself go.

10:38 a.m. at Paramount

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‘Red River’


For many a capital work in the history of cinema and an essential western, but I have to confess that I was a little disappointed when I recovered it in the middle of the pandemic. This movement of cattle can become a bit heavy, but it is true that the film grows in memory, especially due to the progressive deterioration of the character played by John Wayne and how that affects everyone.

17:30 in Thirteen

‘Bravo River’

Bravo River

In this case, I do have no fewer objections to put – if perhaps ‘El Dorado’, which comes to tell the same thing, is slightly superior – to a dynamic and very well planned western that had a great influence on John’s career. Carpenter.

19:50 in Thirteen

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‘Batman returns’

The bat man played by Michael Keaton returned in a darker and more twisted second installment in which Tim Burton was able to apply several of his obsessions. It is true that perhaps it is more marked by his wonderful villains than by the figure of the superhero, but that does not stop it from being an irresistible adventure.

23:45 in laSexta

Criticism in Espinof

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The nine best movies to watch for free this weekend (March 5-7): ‘Jack Reacher’, ‘Something About Mary’ and more

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