The ‘Only murders in the building’ thing and its ending is more promising than it seems at first glance

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the second season finale of Murders in the Building Only.

Craving. It is precisely what causes the end of the second season of Only murders in the building. Anxiety to see the next chapters of the successful Disney + series as soon as possible after leaving us hanging from the best cliffhanger of the year. Because after concluding the second criminal investigation of our leading trio, in just a few final minutes they laid the foundations for what is to come: another crime and a new character that will delight the public. But with a background that hides much more than the expectation it generates at first glance.

Image from the second season of ‘Only murders in the building’. Oliver (Martin Short), Mabel (Selena Gomez) and Charles (Steve Martin). (Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu)

Unfortunately, the best kept secret of this series ceased to be so when the season finale landed on Disney+ on the morning of Tuesday, August 23. A few loose-tongued viewers took it upon themselves to ruin the experience for those who didn’t see the end earlier in the day, relieving the surprise cameo and its promising outcome through Twitter. With captured images of the moment and explicit tweets to less than an hour of the premiere. That is to say, for a series that is going to investigate murders, that they publish the photo of the dead person of the next season, just released the end -and when he is a famous actor- it is one of the most selfish spoilers of the last months.

In short, those of us who know how big-mouthed the networks can be, refrained from entering them until we saw the episode and what a magnificent surprise we got!


In these times of rapid information, a large majority already know the end. Because you have seen it or you have simply come across the blessed tweets or your curiosity has been piqued when you see that the name of paul rudd It was trending on social media. And it is that the star of ant man He makes an unexpected cameo that, with its outcome, becomes a fixed character in the third season. (This was officially announced on the same morning of the premiere with the confirmation of Rudd’s signing for the next few episodes).

And it is that once Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) reveal the name of Bunny’s murderer in a sequence that exudes love for the theater with grandiloquence -and a slow-motion performance that should happen to the story (I haven’t laughed so much with Steve Martin since A pair of seducers)- Only murders in the building skip a year in time. Its protagonists have moved on in their lives. Mabel has managed to reach a point of stability that allows her to finally renovate her apartment. Charles stops being alone and opens his heart to love while Oliver manages to redeem his past of theater failures by preparing the premiere of his great comeback as a Broadway director. And then Paul Rudd enters the scene as Ben Glenroy.

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He is evidently a famous or successful actor, with his demands and star whims. He is the protagonist of the play along with Charles, with whom he gets kicked. But then the curtain rises and Ben is unable to start the play, falling exhausted onto the apparently poisoned stage. Habemuscrime for the third season.

But there is more. Much more. With this ending, Only murders in the building lays the foundations for what could be his great season. Not only because they will have an actor adored by the public, with plenty of experience in comedy and a humorous rhythm that infects laughter with each of his works, but because of everything that the series exposed in so few minutes.

The fact that a year has passed allows the season to expand narratively, creating arcs between the past and present. They’re going to be able to develop the feud between two comedic geniuses like Steve Martin and Paul Rudd that probably leads to some of the funniest scenes on the show. In the only sequence they star in in the season finale, they make it clear that there are secrets to discover that could make Charles one of the suspects. Not only do they insult and humiliate each other, but Charles clearly tells her “be smart and stay away from her”, without revealing who he is talking about, while leaving a final sentence with clear intentions for the future when the veteran actor tells his partner “I know what you did”.

In turn, they will be able to show us how Oliver lived his return to Broadway with his usual but adorable airs of greatness, as well as the love stories of Charles with his girlfriend and Mabel with hers (Cara Delevigne). While the family that the three protagonists have formed can give rise to endearing moments, showing us how they lived this year of professional and personal achievements without murders in their lives, joining again in another podcast but with an even more entrenched relationship.

That Paul Rudd has joined the series (although we don’t know if he will be a regular or a guest in some chapters), being the death that we have to investigate, with a feud with Charles and a condescending star tone with Olivier, are enough assets that we they make you look at the calendar impatiently. When will the third season be released? Who knows. They just gave it the green light last July.

Only murders in the building went from being crowned as one of the phenomena of word of mouth in 2021, to earn a place among the great series of the moment in its own right. They knew how to renew it without falling into repetition, increasing the dose of comedy while their mismatched characters strengthened a now indestructible friendship. They managed to maintain their freshness, individualizing the dramatic arcs of their protagonists but also raising the assets that made them irresistible: the uneven relationship between the three of them and the affection that grew until they became inseparable. All this supported by the eighties comedy provided by the two veteran stars of the cast who made this series a breath of fresh air, with the same doses of humor and ridiculousness, as humanity and friendship.

The first season of Only Murders in the Building is one of the favorites among the series nominated for the Emmy Awards in the comedy section, which will be held on September 12.

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The ‘Only murders in the building’ thing and its ending is more promising than it seems at first glance

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