The person in charge of crime prevention in a public company in liquidation does the opposite and charges 68,300 euros gross per year

For readers who are not aware of current events in the province of Valencia. The Provincial Council has a high-ranking official on its payroll, through a public company in the process of liquidation that, in theory, is in charge of preventing crimes and ensuring transparency, but, according to reports from the Civil Guard, it has dedicated itself to Get rich on commissions. In other words, they have put the fox to take care of the chickens.

This is how Divalterra is right now. And it’s been that way for over a year. Is named Joseph Louis Vera and, for now, they cannot fire him, although there is a will to do so. He was a judge of the Provincial Court of Valencia and the Valencian PSOE chose him as legal adviser to combat corruption in the Valencia Provincial Council. He allegedly did the opposite. He came to collect 1.3 million euros in commissions by favoring development companies under the protection of socialist administrations between 2007 and 2012. All through the company Vera Llorens SLU. But why is Vera news?

Jose Luis Vera (Dival).

Valencian politics turned upside down again last Tuesday when the summary secret of the Azud case was lifted, three years after the start of the investigation and the first detainees. We are talking about the City Council of Valencia at the time of the Partido Popular and the absolute majority of its mayor, Rita Barberahis family environment, such as the brother-in-law, Jose Corbinand the right hand of this, the one who was deputy mayor, Alfonso Grau. But it also affects the main opposition party, the PSPV-PSOE, the former councilor Raphael Rubio and until a few months ago sub-delegate of the Government, and Joseph Louis Veralawyer close to the socialist formation.

In short, a textbook case, since, according to reports from the Civil Guard’s Central Operational Unit, the businessman Jaime Febrerthrough the AXIS Group, wove a web of corruption for 15 years with public money through several town halls, developing “an operating dynamic consisting of the payment of commissions to different public officials with the aim of obtaining decisions favorable to their economic interests. ”.

prevent crimes

“Mr. Vera’s job position is renamed “Director (sic) of Legal Services, Criminal Risk Prevention and Transparency”.

(…) “It will be in charge of monitoring and preventing the commission of crimes, as well as reacting to it. He acts as a spokesperson on this matter, holding seminars, conferences and the like for the company’s staff and for the Valencia Provincial Council itself. He is responsible for executing the active and passive Transparency and Data Protection policies”.

These two paragraphs are an extract from the “senior management employment contract novation” signed in Valencia on January 21 on the contractual relationship between Vera for the year 2021 and the public company Divalterra, of the Valencia Provincial Council.

In March of last year we already reported that Vera had received 71,547 euros in 2019 as head of the company’s Legal Services. So, the news headline was the managing director, Anthony More, who took advantage of his position to raise the salary of his entire previous department. Thus, when he stopped and returned to his place, he would automatically charge more. They caught him and he stopped.

Sources from the provincial entity recognize the delicate situation and that they are waiting for the liquidator to fire him and to know in detail what he has received in this 2022. The available data is that of the previous year:

Vera’s basic compensation was 48,349 euros gross last year; the position complement (up to 40% of the previous figure), 19,339 euros; and the variable supplement (up to 10% of the basic), 4,834 euros. In total, more than 72,500 euros. However, another document published in the Transparency Portal of the merchant indicates that Vera received about 68,300 euros in 2021, exactly, €68,298.

real contract

Screenshot of Vera’s contract for 2021.

The document is signed by Divalterra’s liquidator, Victor Aurelio Torricoof Afianza SLy also includes the remuneration of the managing director, Anthony Morefor two and a half months in office: 14,607 euros (from January 1 to March 15, 2021, the date on which he ceased in office).

The Diputación de Valencia, chaired by Toni Gaspar, has been preparing the liquidation of Divalterra for months. In 2020, Gaspar provided Public Salaries with a copy of his payroll.

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The person in charge of crime prevention in a public company in liquidation does the opposite and charges 68,300 euros gross per year

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