The PP warns that in “a single year the number of people living on the streets of the city has increased by 32%”

The Popular Municipal Group has warned that in just one year the number of people living homeless in the city of Valencia has increased by 32%. In 2019 there were 570 people who lived homeless, while at the end of last year 2021 there were 754 homeless people in the city, according to a report that was presented today in the Social Welfare Commission under the title “Strategy of Social Intervention with homeless people 2022-.2027”.

The report shows that in 2019, 570 people lived homeless in the city of Valencia, while in the count made in December of last year 2021, the figure had skyrocketed and there were already 754 people living on the streets. of the city, a total of 184 more people, which represents an increase of 32%. In the meantime, they acknowledge that the care center for the homeless, created by the PP in 1995, provides care to nearly a thousand homeless people.

They are concentrated in the riverbed and Botànic areas, followed by Campanar and Arrancapins. Of these, a quarter sleeps outdoors in the streets of the city, while 21% do so in parks, 9.6% on bridges and 7.6% in ATMs. Regarding age, the localized homeless population ranges between 18 and 81 years, with an estimated average age of 41.53 years. Said average increases slightly in street and decreases in centres.

21.5% have been victims of physical attacks, 41.3% of robberies, 3.8% of sexual attacks (in all cases the victims were women) and 33.3% have been insulted.

The study also indicates that “55% have been without accommodation for less than a year, and of these, half for less than 3 months. 26.7% have been homeless for three or more years, that is, they refer to situations of prolonged homelessness over time. One in ten homeless people has been in this situation for ten or more years.

No response from the Government of Ribó

Councilor Marta Torrado has pointed out that “Compromís and PSOE are late again, the number of people, including entire families with minors, living on the streets of the city is increasing. Now, after two terms (nearly 8 years), they are going to launch a social intervention strategy with homeless people that will last until 2027”.

The councilor of the PP; Marta Torrado, affirms that “they arrive late and badly, nor have they had a plan and they are just launching it now when the mandate is running out and elections are approaching by chance. Neither have they been able to build a shelter or a single social dwelling in eight years, and the municipally owned ones are half empty. You only have to go out one night on the streets of the city to realize that there are more and more people living on the streets, many of them completely alone, without the City Council doing anything to give them a future”.

Meanwhile, in eight years of the Government of Compromís and PSOE, nothing has been done for the more than 800 homeless people who live on our streets. They have not been able in all this time to have a municipal shelter to welcome these people who now with the arrival of winter will have to suffer even more from the situation of abandonment.

All these people should be the priority of any government, “but it seems that the current mayor Ribó and the PSOE find it more important to water Catalan groups with aid and subsidies than to find solutions to give the homeless a way out.”

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The PP warns that in “a single year the number of people living on the streets of the city has increased by 32%”

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