The Prosecutor’s Office obtained preventive detention for the defendant who fired a weapon at the exit of a discotheque | Digital medium The Northern Fox

PDI personnel arrested three people for events that occurred during the early hours of last Sunday

The Atacama Prosecutor’s Office formalized three defendants this Friday morning, to whom they attribute participation in the events that occurred last weekend in which two people were injured by gunshots and a third injured after receiving blows. This from an episode that occurred on the outskirts of a discotheque in Chañaral.

The hearing was assumed by the prosecutor of the Criminal Analysis and Investigative Focus Unit (Sacfi), Renán Gallardo Angel, who indicated that based on what happened, the Public Ministry ordered proceedings from the PDI Homicide Brigade, whose specialized work allowed the gathering of evidence and background information that led to requesting the arrest warrants against the three defendants. This for his responsibility in the execution of shots and blows that occurred in the early hours of last Sunday.

According to what was argued by the prosecutor Gallardo, the day the events occurred, around 5:00 a.m., the three detainees reached the aforementioned sector, on which occasion one of them struck a makeshift weapon against a group of people. injuring a young man present at the scene, who was diagnosed with less serious injuries, while a second affected was injured with blows to his head.

In this action, a fourth involved, not yet arrested, fired an adapted blank, causing a serious injury to a 17-year-old girl that forced her to be urgently transferred to the Copiapó Regional Hospital. Precinct in which she received the respective medical attention that favored the outcome not being fatal.

“From the proceedings carried out after the attacks occurred, statements were gathered from different witnesses who located and recognized the detainees as the participants in the attacks,” the prosecutor said.

In relation to this procedure, the head(s) of the PDI Homicide Brigade, sub-prefect Mario Mantón Zúñiga, indicated that after the call of the prosecutor on duty in Chañaral, they went to this commune to investigate a crime of frustrated homicide. “After the investigative work of this Brigade, the identification of the accused was achieved, specifying their detention to be submitted to the respective formalization of charges,” he indicated.

For his part, the presidential delegate of the province of Chañaral, Jorge Fernández, called on the community to denounce every time these types of events occur to prevent their occurrence and thus, in the future, they do not have to regret a greater misfortune than the one that occurred last weekend.


In the formalization hearing, the prosecutor Renán Gallardo argued the facts and the evidence gathered in this initial stage of the investigation, ensuring that the author of the shot with the makeshift weapon will remain under the precautionary measure of preventive detention on the grounds that his freedom represents a danger. for the security of society. This after being formalized for his participation in the crime of frustrated homicide, less serious injuries, carrying a prohibited weapon and unjustified shooting.

The other two detainees will also be investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for participating in the events, and must comply with total house arrest and partial night arrest. Finally, the deadline for closing the investigation was set at six months.

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The Prosecutor’s Office obtained preventive detention for the defendant who fired a weapon at the exit of a discotheque | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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