The return of Michael Keaton’s Batman and a Wonder Woman “cameo” in Shazam 2: This is what DC showed at CinemaCon 2022

The 2022 edition of CinemaCon not only brought with it long-awaited announcements such as the confirmation of Batman 2but in the context of the Warner Bros presentation a little more was also revealed about upcoming film projects based on DC comics.

Thus, although most of the material shown at CinemaCon is not available to everyone, courtesy of different descriptions of those present, various background information on the presentations of films such as The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Shazam! Fury of the Gods Y Black Adam.

Keep in mind that while all of this information is general, it could eventually include details that can be considered minor spoilers for the respective movies.

Let’s kick things off with the next live-action DC movie hitting theaters: Black Adam. The project that Dwayne Johnson has been developing for years is finally ready to be presented starting next October and during CinemaCon 2022 the actor himself was in charge of presenting it.

as collected comic bookJohnson did not hide his enthusiasm for the film and, in addition to repeating again that the “hierarchy of power is about to change in the DC Universe”, The actor stated that all the waiting for the film would not have been in vain.

“It really served us well to wait and wait and see how these other stories and these other superheroes unfolded and for that to really inform us about how we were going to create Black Adam and the story that we were going to tell,” Johnson said. “So this really is a dream of mine…”

“We’ve been talking about Black Adam, the hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change. That is not very far. And that’s not hyperbole. And you know, when you see the movie and you see the character, you’ll understand what I mean. (The director) Jaume Collet-Serra, when I met him probably four or five years ago, he said, ‘Who is your favorite actor of all time?’ Said; ‘Clint Eastwood’ and he told me: ‘I’m glad you said that because I see Black Adam as the Dirty Harry of the superhero world. And that was in many ways our guiding star.” he added.

After that particular comparison, Johnson presented a new preview of Black Adam that is not yet revealed to the public but that would start with ships flying over a frozen landscape. There the titular character would appear in a kind of chamber filled with water that would allow him to stay alive.

“I was a slave when I died. When I was reborn, he was a god”, Black Adam declares to which Dr. Fate is present and indicates that the character of The Rock has never done anything good with his powers.

From then on, the trailer would focus on Teth-Adam’s death as a slave and continue with the scene where Black Adam annihilates a team of soldiers (likely the same sequence that was teased in a previous trailer).

According to the report of /Film, later this look at Black Adam shows the title character doing his thing in the desert: destroying helicopters, launching missiles. Mercilessly and bringing out your powers.

Thus, while Doctor Fate indicates that if Black Adam wanted he could save or destroy the world, brief approaches to the Justice Society also appear. But what would be seen of Atom-Smasher and Cyclone would be little and who would stand out would be hawkmanwho will confront the titular character by saying: “There are heroes and villains. Heroes don’t kill people.” Given what Johnson’s character sentences: “Well, I do.”

Black Adam was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Jungle Cruise) based on a screenplay by Adam Sztykiel, Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani. In addition to Johnson as the titular character, his cast will include Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Noah Centineo as Atom-Smasher (who will be running for the JSA in this film), and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone (who will be linked to Red Tornado).

In these minutes the debut of Black Adam is planned for October this year.

Now it’s time to go from the enemy of Shazam to the second solo movie of the World’s Mightiest Mortal because at the most recent edition of CinemaCon, Warner Bros also revealed a look at Shazam! Fury Of The Gods.

That material from the sequel to Shazam was introduced by the film’s cast, which in addition to the return of Zachary Levi as Shazam and Asher Angel as Billy Batson, now includes Helen Mirren as the villainous Hespera.

According to Mirren, her character will be convinced that she’s doing the right thing, but obviously Billy Batson and his family won’t see it the same way, and that won’t be the only problem for the heroes. After all, Asher Angel revealed that Billy’s version of him has grown a lot and although he has been operating as a superhero with his brothers for some time, he still has many doubts about the future.

In this sense, the advance Shazam! Fury Of The Gods presented at CinemaCon is still striking since, according to reports Gizmodohis story will start in Paris to show Shazam on a date with none other than Wonder Woman. But don’t expect to see Gal Gadot, because it’s all Billy’s daydream that is abruptly interrupted by Djimon Hounsou as the wizard Shazam.

The wizard who gave the hero his powers warns Billy that a massive battle is about to begin, and the trailer shows Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Kalypso (Lucy Liu) wreaking havoc.

The return of Michael Keatons Batman and a Wonder Woman

From then on, the trailer would show from a dragon roaming a city to a world of stories brought to reality, going through an interaction of Billy’s brothers with their adoptive parents. All before coming to a conversation between Shazam and Hespera at a playground.

Although it would be easy to believe that in that minute everything will turn into a battle, the footage shows Shazam explaining to Hespera that he saw all the movies of Fast and Furious and therefore knows the key to save the world … the family.

That phrase is not only intended to function as a nod to Mirren’s past in the Toretto saga and all the memes about Fast and Furiousbut Billy proceeds to claim that it was supposed to be a sign for his brothers and finally the Shazam Family appears in all its glory.

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods was directed by David F. Sandberg and although its premiere is scheduled for December this year, the director holds that there is still a bit to see the trailer.

Following the current schedule of releases for DC movies, in March of next year it will be the turn of the sequel to Aquaman.

this movie called Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It will be directed by James Wan as well as the first film of the hero played by Jason Momoa

Warner Bros had already shown a bit of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom featuring a promo video for every DC premiere ever scheduled for this year and behind the scenes of the 2021 edition of DC FanDome. However, the material from CinemaCon 2022 would be a trailer itself that would give more clues about the film.

After all, as reported /Filmthat advance showed a Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) who would be corrupted by an ancient and evil force so Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Orm (Patrick Wilson) would have to work together to stop the villain.

1651313320 1 The return of Michael Keatons Batman and a Wonder Woman

And if they believed that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom would not follow the path of its predecessor, this report anticipates that some unusual moments of Aquaman will be followed by elements such as strange robotic ships similar to the sentinels of the franchise of The Matrix.

According to comic bookduring the presentation of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Jason Momoa confirmed that this film will explore different underwater kingdoms giving rise to the introduction of new and varied characters. All while Wan addressed the Black Manta arc saying that now the villain “It’s on a different level. He is still a human being, but now he is imbued with this magical and ancient power that ultimately needs Orm’s help to fight this evil that is taking over Black Manta.”

Finally, although the wait for its premiere was supposed to end this year, it was only in July 2023 that the film Flash will be shown in theaters.

Thus, although there is probably still a long way to go before we have an official trailer for this film, Warner Bros also presented this new production at CinemaCon 2022.

Although the hook of a The Flash movie should obviously be the scarlet speedster, since Michael Keaton’s Batman will be part of this story, most reports highlight the return of the protagonist of Batman (1989) and batman returns(1992).

The preview of The Flash would begin by showing the titular hero played by Ezra Miller in a kind of office while making restless movements and explaining that time has a pattern. According Gizmodoinitially Barry is talking to a camera, but later appears outside his childhood home looking sad while sporting a new version of his Flash suit.

From there the film footage would jump to a gray-haired man interacting with a retinal scanner on a bookshelf. Eventually that bookcase opens and a room full of different outfits appears. Of course, that man is Bruce Wayne played by Michael Keaton and those are Batsuits.

1651313320 305 The return of Michael Keatons Batman and a Wonder Woman

After that scene, the trailer picks up Barry’s narrative about time showing the hero of Central City making a statement about destiny before moving on to focus on action scenes that would include Allen bringing out his powers and a brief shot of Supergirl (Sasha Street), plus a scene of Batman (apparently the Ben Affleck version) on a flashy motorcycle.

Finally the preview returns to Barry who asks another person if he accepts the mission. The camera reveals Keaton’s Batman in a new suit, and Keaton confirms his interest by repeating an old line: “Do you want to go crazy? Let’s go crazy”.

Flash It was directed by Andy Muschietti based on a script by Christina Hodson and its premiere is planned for June 2023.

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The return of Michael Keaton’s Batman and a Wonder Woman “cameo” in Shazam 2: This is what DC showed at CinemaCon 2022

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