The Robin Hood of Mexico City is on TikTok

Following the occurrences coming from the TikTok social network, this time a user known as Diamante Guillen has become the Robin Hood of CDMX.

The social networks never cease to amaze with the multiple occurrences of the users who use them. dances, trends and multiple challenges amuse people on different platforms. But this time in TechBit we will talk to you about a creator of contents very peculiar, is the Robin Hood of the CDMX who gives away money to become famous in TikTok.

And it is that among the most popular challenges that become viral in social networks there is the gift of money. From street interviews for people to win some banknotes until you stick them in the cars and go out to walk the avenues so that people take them, these are some of the ways in which creators of contents of TikTokor other social platformThey upload this kind of videos.

However the Robin Hood of the CDMX has opted for a peculiar way of giving tickets and, uploading his videos to TikTok and Instagramhas managed to build up a huge following that, with a bit of luck, and if they happen to be in the right place at the right time, can follow the leads and earn money.

Tiktoker gives away money for all the Mexico City

His name is Aaron Guillenbetter known on his social networks as “Diamond Guillen” and nicknamed by some users As the Robin Hood of the CDMX. Its purpose? “Leave surprises all over Mexico”so it reads in the description of your account TikTok @diamanteguillen0which currently has more than 256.6 thousand followers.

Diamond Guillen is known for his peculiar way of giving away money in the Mexico City and its surroundings, because this tiktoker he does not go out to the streets to meet people, but it is necessary to see his most recent video and run with the luck of being in the right place.

East Robin Hood of the CDMX he goes around the city hiding bills of different denominations in multiple places: under a stone, inside a tree, between the bars of a fence or next to the bushes. Then upload the video to TikTok either Instagram waiting for the winning person to find the reward.

It is in a second video, Diamante Guillen records the lucky winner congratulating him on several occasions.

Tiktoker hides money in different places on the CDMX

Diamond Guillen has been challenged by his own followers to hide the money in different places in the Mexico Cityhighlighting several subway stations where the tiktoker Place bills between billboards, station maps, inside tubes or bars, and even next to turnstiles.

He has also gone to self-service stores to leave money hidden among the products; under the stones of different places like squares and universitiesHe even went to the Zócalo on September 15 and left a surprise in front of the Mexican flag.

Maybe you want to follow him to be the next lucky one.

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The Robin Hood of Mexico City is on TikTok

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