The Rock’s leg workout: light, but very intense

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    That we like to throw with many kilos in the squat and press, true, that it is not necessary to have good gym legs, too. And it is that training heavy is not always synonymous with looking bigger; kilos matter, of course, but also the technique and, above all, the intensity of our training. This is how The Rock explains it, the highest-paid star in Hollywood who, in one of his latest photos on Instagram, tells how his leg training is: “a little heavy, but very intense.”

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    “Absolutely brutal leg training today, but always grateful to push myself and give my best in every routine. You will find that the weight I use is never an unbelievably heavy amount. Dozens of guys who are much stronger than me do it, but due to all my injuries (5 knee surgeries, Achilles tendon rupture, pelvic quadriceps tear, abdominal wall tear, full shoulder reconstruction….) they don’t allow me to do it. I’ve learned it’s not It’s not the amount of weight we lift, but the quality of the reps and the mind/muscle connection that matters most,” says the Hollywood actor.


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    “Today’s training session consisted of a 25-30 minute warm-up: core work, foam rolling, stretching, and then rod to quad, hamstring and glute activation: leg extensions, hamstring curls, hip abductions. glutes and squats 4-5 series of 4 to 5 exercises per series Repetition range 15-20 And no rest between exercises Slow, intense and controlled repetitions with negatives of several seconds, increasing the weight in each series To close , I’ll finish with a neck chain lunge ⛓ (110lbs) to failure and a Romanian deadlift superset. Slow and super controlled on the deadlifts with a 1 second pause at the bottom. Truth is, “Over the years, I’ve learned to train harder, but also smarter, that’s the key to physical success. The toughest athletes in the gym win the race, and the smartest win the trip,” he explains. By the way, remember here the best exercises for your legs and buttocks.

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The Rock’s leg workout: light, but very intense

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