The Rookie: Feds: What is known about the possible departure of actor Felix Solis from the drama

The first season of The Rookie’s first spin-off seems to be hinting at the departure of one of its main stars, Felix Solis, something that fans have been lamenting with the most recent episodes.

In the case of television series, you never know what plots or characters will return to the present day. This is especially true in the case of the television series of the abc, The Rookie: Fedswhose mid-season finale left fans in shock. Felix Solis, who plays special agent Matt Garza, learns about his past in an episode titled Flashback. However, just as Garza is about to move on, the series ends. with a grave cliffhanger that leaves fans without knowing what the future holds for him and opens the possibility of his departure.

The Rookie: Feds: Felix Solis could leave the series in its first season

In the episode that aired on November 29 titled “Flashback,” viewers caught a glimpse of Special Agent Simone Clark (Niecy Nash-Betts) and his team race against time to clear Garza’s name after the FBI accused him of espionage. Fans also learned that Garza previously worked in Panama and was romantically involved with his colleague Camila, who was tragically killed in an ambush.

Fortunately, the team proves Garza’s innocence. In a tearful scene, Garza tells Simone that he is “tired” and confesses that before her death, he and Camille had planned a future together. Simone replies that Garza “really honored her memory,” to which Garza replies “today and every day.” As if this scene weren’t heartbreaking enough, Garza then heads to the cemetery to visit Camila’s grave.

However, shortly after placing the flowers, Garza falls to the ground and suffers a heart attack. Fans are horrified that with no one around to see Garza’s downfall, it could mean the end of his character. In fact, andthe latest trailer from episode 10 of The Rookie: FedsGarza is nowhere to be seen, something that has worried fans even more.

The Rookie: Feds: Matt Garza suffers a heart attack and doubts about survival increase

On the other hand, the actor Felix Solis he has not announced his departure from the series in any way. He hasn’t commented on anything lately. The Rookie: Feds on social media, suggesting that Garza will recover from his heart attack in the next episodes. Fans have also noticed that there is no mention of the tragedy or hint of Garza’s death in the trailers which is even more amazing.

It only remains to wait for the date of the return of the next episodes of the first season of The Rookie: Fedswhich will be seen at the beginning of January 2023. Although the series is focused on the character of Niecy Nash-Bettsviewers have learned to love the Felix Solis, who is the team leader. So seeing him leave would be a very hard blow and in just his first installment.

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The Rookie: Feds: What is known about the possible departure of actor Felix Solis from the drama

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