The Rookie: Noah Centineo is too big for a hackneyed story about spies

The noob (The Recruit/2022). Creator: Alexi Hawley. Direction: Julian Holmes, Doug Liman, Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Alex Kalymnios. Cast: Noah Centineo, Laura Haddock, Aarti Maan, Cotton Dunn, Fivel Stewart. Available in: Netflix. Our opinion: regular.

The charisma of Noah Centineo stood out for the first time in the saga of To all the boys I fell in love within which he had to impersonate the romantic interest of the protagonist with a mixture of charme but also the rebellion typical of a reluctant lover, one whose sensitivity does not come to light due to certain traumas from the past. The Noah Centineo formula + romantic comedies from Netflix continued to function – although with less success – with Sierra Burgess is a loser and the most charming The perfect datein which he formed a very good duo with Laura Marano, who was at the level of the one he had formed with Lana Condor in the three films that adapted the novels young adults by Jenny Han. After a forgettable participation in the relaunch of Charlie’s Angels and in the most bombastic Black Adam, The actor decided to produce his first project (and star in it), which arrived this month on the streaming platform and whose proposal is somewhat lackluster.

The noob begins by exploiting the actor’s strengths, with a flashforward in which we see his character, CIA lawyer Owen Hendricks, on a dangerous mission that leads him to question what he did wrong to be in a position of high risk and dissonant with his position. In that opening scene of the brand new Netflix series, Centineo once again appeals to his charisma and touches of humor to compose this young man who, without realizing it, ended up involved in a spy network from which he should have stayed away. The recurring gag of the fiction of eight chapters of alexi hawley it is effective at the beginning and then becomes a choking slap when the story is seen to be running out of force. The noob It starts precisely with the logic of “toad from another well”, with the protagonist recently received as a lawyer and paying a right to the CIA, a scenario in which he handles himself with an ingenuity that appeals to the viewer’s suspension of disbelief. Although a veiled homage to international intrigue, from Alfred Hitchcock and all derivatives of that masterpiece, The noob It will not take long for him to show his shortcomings when Hendricks is dragged into a world where rules are not valid and he must be guided by instinct..

Disconcertingly, the series goes from being a kind of workplace sitcom with Owen being the victim of the wheeling and turning of two co-workers, to quickly jump down the other lane, that of a drier spy thriller, one that takes itself far too seriously. The change of tone is a problem per sesince it gives the impression that The noob he doesn’t know exactly where he’s going (and is deflating in the process) and the picture is further complicated when Hendricks meets his Achilles heel. His flirtation with risk is sparked by finding, with ridiculous speed, a letter from a former CIA employee (Max Meladze, played by Laura Haddock) in which the woman threatens to reveal secret operations and the names of those responsible.

The first narrative failure comes with this plot twist to which an attempt is made to give a reason for being: Hendricks is not in charge of interrogations and, nevertheless, he is sent to jail where Max is in order to verify the degree of veracity of the threatened threats. When the young man confirms that the woman represents a risk for the CIA and communicates it, the hackneyed story of the individual who smells that something is not right in that environment and decides to hide his behavior begins, with all that this implies. Beyond the fact that this is a valid narrative convention, in The noob the link between Owen and Max becomes tedious as he “feels” with the revelation of certain facts that later lead nowhere. In this aspect, it is Haddock who shines by running the character of his stereotype, bringing a welcome bravery and solvency to the action sequences. For Centineo, on the other hand, the series is too big for him and his charisma is not enough to maintain interest.

The Rookie, starring Noah Centineo, premiere of the month on NetflixNetflix

Secondly, It is inexplicable that an experienced filmmaker in the genre like Doug Liman (who directed, among other feature films, the excellent at the edge of tomorrow Y Barry Seal: only in America, both of them with Tom Cruise to the head) has been responsible for the first episodes of a series that not only fails to transmit adrenaline but also falls far short of what the director has to offer. In addition, The noob appeals to cliffhangers that they could be anticipating a second season that will undoubtedly require tighter scripts with ideas that seek to innovate rather than rest on the details of a genre in which it does not stand out.

The noob is now available on Netflix

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The Rookie: Noah Centineo is too big for a hackneyed story about spies

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