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Who said sequels are never good? Today we bring you the analysis of what is considered one of the best sequels in history: Rocky I (1979). I hope you like it!

Written and directed by Sylvester Stallonethe film is presented as a sequel with hints of remake of Rockey (1976)since the first one was a low-budget project and many scenes that were left somewhat empty due to lack of financing are repeated in this sequel, but with greater capital behind them, and it shows.

Quite aptly, the story begins to the rhythm of Gonna fly now, of Bill Contiwith a flashback of the last moments of the first fight of Rocky against Apollo.

The fighters are rushed to the hospital, where they meet in front of the press and Apollo, in a show of testosterone, challenges Rocky to a second fight.

Rocky undergoes surgery on his right eye, which has been damaged due to the fight. The doctors recommend that he not box again because he could lose his sight.

the colt He gets out of the hospital with flying colours, and some advertisers offer him the chance to earn a lot of money by doing TV commercials.

in one of the classic romantic moments that characterize the saga, Rocky asks to marry adrian (Talia Shire) and celebrate their union with an intimate wedding. Next, our hero goes to fame and fortune thinking about the money he will earn from advertising and dedicates himself to spending it all on an expensive car, a house, jewelry, etc. Shortly after it is discovered that Adrian is pregnant… the tension is chewed.

roky and adrian zoo happy stuff

At the same time Apollo does not stop receiving letters accusing him of having rigged the fight and of being a fraud and decides to take matters into his own hands by persuading Rocky to get back in the ring.

Rocky starts to record the announcements to market products on behalf of the italian coltwhen we realize that his lack of studies prevents him from reading fluently, so he is fired.


The drama He continues when he sees that he is not hired anywhere and he is running out of money from the first fight, so he decides to work as an assistant in the gym of mickey (Burgess Meredith), his former trainer, to stay in the boxing world, while Adrian resumes his job at the bird shop.

Apollo challenges Rocky publicly on television and Mickey goads Rocky back into the ring. Despite having a bad eye and promising Adrian that he would never fight again, Apollo’s bragging and lack of funds lead him to accept the rematch.

Rocky begins his training with Mickey, who decides change his guard and make him ambidextrous, in order to protect his eye and confuse Apollo. But Rocky doesn’t feel confident and thinks he is betraying Adrian and doesn’t take the training seriously. The sorrows do not stop, when Adrian gives birth and remains in a coma by losing a lot of blood due to overexertion during pregnancy. Rocky decides to stop training and stay by his beloved’s side until she wakes up.


After a while Adrian wakes up and implores Rocky to beat apollo. here it starts the real workout. Stallone honors the first film when we see Rocky train in the same way as in the previous one and with the same soundtrack, but he also pays homage to his other most important alter ego, John Rambo (which would come later), completing all the training scenes with his mythical red bandana.

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Intense push-ups and sit-ups, the game of catch the chicken (which in believe resume) and the already traditional race for philadelphia to the top of the museum stairs, this time followed by what seems to be every child in Philadelphia. Rocky is ready for combat!


And the big night arrived… Rocky leaves the house, supported by the neighbors of the area, saying goodbye to Adrian who has to stay at home with Paulie. Before going to the Philadelphia SpectrumRocky establishes a new tradition prior to his fightsFather Carmine’s blessing.

After the presentation and a chant “Rocky! Rocky!” the fight begins.

Apollo crushes Rocky in the first round, breaking his nose. Rocky starts to drop the right who has been practicing so much and corners Creed in the corner. Apollo gets the 3rd, 4th and 5th round, but the 6th goes to Rocky. In the 7th Apollo corners Rocky, but in the 8th Rocky focuses on the champion’s flanks and wins the assault, along with the 9th and 10th (with excellent detailed slow-mo scenes).


Apollo continues to punish the candidate and win the rest of the rounds.

Fifteenth and final assaultApollo once again has the match won on points, but wants to achieve the KO to ensure public acceptance. Rocky releases his left and destroys Apollo with a series of crushing blows.


The two fighters fall to the ground and in the most insane countdown in history, both struggle to get to their feet. 7, 8, 9… Rocky grabs onto the ropes and in one last effort manages to get up, Apollo collapses fainting. The Italian colt is the new world champion by KO!

Balboa, excited and with his arms raised holding the world champion belt, thanks Apollo, Mickey, God and his beloved Adrian for the fight, shouting “Look Adrian, I’ve done it!”


Thus ends this great sequel that teaches us that even if stones are put in our way and we stumble; with effort and dedication, leaning on those who love us and without giving up, everything can be achieved.

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Enjoy the things that make you happy!

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The Saga of Rocky Balboa: Analysis of Rocky II (1979) – The things that make us happy

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