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Hello to all our dear readers. One more Sunday, we bring you the review of the third part of the saga Rocky.

Written and directed by Sylvester Stallonethis third installment begins, as is tradition, with a flashback of the Final match between Apollo and Rocky in Rocky III. Rocky wins combat and become the new world champion.

To the rhythm of the mythical song eye of the tiger by Survivoras famous as Gonna fly now or even more, the film begins. We see, in short scenes, passing one after another, Rocky defending the title world champion against different contenders for the title, always accompanied by his coach mickeyhis friend Paulie and his beloved adrian.

Rocky is on topis on the cover of all the magazines, advertises products on television and everyone knows who he is, including the antagonist of the movie, Clubber Langa beast from which muscles sprout even from its ears, played by Mr T (MA in The Team A) who follows his fights closely.

Similarly, Clubber begins to take off in the world of boxing, winning all his fights by KO and trained hard to snatch the title from the Italian Colt.

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In order to raise money for charitiesRocky agrees to face off in a exhibition match vs wrestling champion thunderlipsinterpreted by hulk hogan (It is unnecessary to describe its proportions…). What was going to be a small dance to satisfy the fans and give them a curious show quickly turns into a slaughter by Thunderlips, who shakes, hits and throws the colt as if it were a wimp.


Rocky understands that Thunderlips is not going to relax, so he grab by the neck until you are breathless. In the meantime, Mickey has a minor cardiac event. from which he emerges unharmed. The match ends in “no match”.


The next day, in the top of the stairs of the Art Museumwhere Rocky always finished his sessions of runningthis one is honored by the city of Philadelphiaerecting him a bronze statue. Balboa, more eloquently than in the previous films, publicly reveals that retires from boxing. Then, in the audience, appears Clubber Lang and challenges Rocky to a fight while humiliating him by saying that he has only defended the title in “easy and rigged fights”. Mickey threatens Rocky to leave him if he accepts the fight.


Mickey confesses to Rocky that all your opponents they had been selected so Rocky could beat them without much difficulty. Mickey warns Rocky that he will lose the fight because he has become too civilized and has lost his boxing spirit.

Mickey agrees to train Rocky., but they train in a luxurious and public place. The colt trains without seriousness, taking photos, giving kisses to the fans, in conclusion, taking it lightlywhile Clubber trains giving 110% of himself.

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Arrived the day of the fightBalboa and Lang have a fight in the locker room of the Philadephia Spectrum before the real combat begins. Clubber is very aggressive and attacks mickeywhich below suffer a heart attack. Rocky wants to cancel the match but mickeylying in the locker room, forces him to fight.

Rocky and Clubber go up to the ring and among the commentators is apollo creedwho asks Balboa to knock down his opponent.

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The first round begins Rocky jumps stunned on Clubber, landing one blow after another. His fury is over soon and Lang takes the reinsleaving Rocky almost shattered in the first round.

Mickey is being treated by doctors as the second round begins. Rocky totally distracted Due to his manager’s health, he is defenseless against the missiles that Clubber launches at him. Rocky falls in the second round and Clubber Lang is proclaimed world champion to boos from the audience.


Rocky returns to the locker room, to show us “the dramatic scene of the film“, Y says goodbye to his coach making him believe that Lang has fallen. Mickey takes his last breath between tears of pride and leaves us with such a dramatic scene that, more than one, makes you shed a tear.


Rocky desperate after the death of his friend walks through his old gymin which Apollo Creed surprises him with a proposal, be your new coach. Apollo offers you a new type of training with which will recover “the look of the tiger” (“the eye of the tiger”) and beat Clubber in exchange for a favor…

Rocky, Apollo, Paulie and Adrian they move to los angeles. Apollo shows them his old gym, a dark and seedy place where the two former champions are admired and praised by all the amateur fighters there. They also (re)introduce us to Dukewho will play a fundamental role during the rest of the saga accompanied by Rocky.


Rocky start your training with Apollo. again with eye of the tiger we see Rocky’s new training: improve the footwork with various exercises swimming, running on the beach and sparring against Apollo, against whom he does not react to blows.

Rocky doesn’t seem to trust in itself until his beloved Adrian makes him see that he is not a man who leaves things halfway, that he should not be afraid and that must beat Clubber because he wants, not because others want.

ROCKY III, Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, 1982, (c)MGM

Rocky, in high spirits and with his self-confidence restored continue your training. Their footwork has improvedcoordinates his fists well with his steps and beats Apollo in the mythical race on the beach, which ends with a celebration in the water that is a bit…ahem too friendly.


Rocky is ready for revenge and this time they will meet at Madison Square Garden. In the locker room, Apollo reminds Rocky to move around the ring to tire Clubber out and hands him some American flag briefslike the ones he (Apollo) used in his first match against Rocky.

After the presentation and lack of sportsmanship by Clubber, the first assault in which Rocky shows his excellent footwork dancing around the champion and hammering his face until the assault ends. The fight continues and Clubber corners and crushes Balboa. Rocky, defenseless, does not stop taking blows and falls to the ground twice but he gets up and ends the assault. Rocky confesses to Apollo that it’s a strategy to make Lang overconfident and tired.



the bell rings third round and The Italian Pony unleash the gaze of the tiger and he brags about Lang, provokes him saying to hit him and even fidgets with his mohawk. Lang works the sides of Rocky who does not stop in his strategy of provocation and psychological warfare.


Lang misses hit after hit and Balboa unceasingly releases the right that Mickey taught him how to use. Lang continues to receive crushing blows until finally falls to the ground and loses by knockout.

Our hero has overcome his fears and insecurities and becomes, for the second time, World Champion of the heavyweights!


In the last scene, Apollo calls in his “favor” with Rocky fighting behind closed doors and without witnesses in his old gym. The film ends with a freeze frame of the two boxers exchanging a blow. later in the movie believeRocky confesses to adonis creedson of Apollo, that his father won this match.

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Enjoy the things that make you happy!

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The Saga of Rocky Balboa: Analysis of Rocky III (1982) – The things that make us happy

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