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Hello to all our dear readers. We arrived at the equator in the review of the saga Rocky giving way to one of the most beloved sequels of the saga: Rocky IV.

Written and directed by Sylvester Stallonethe fourth installment, was the highest grossing of the entire saga and the one with the most propagandist patriotism about the Cold War gave off

As is tradition, the film begins with the review of the last moments from the previous movie Rocky III, with Rocky regaining his heavyweight championship title against Clubber Lang and the final match behind closed doors against apollo creed.

rocky 3 ending

Rocky returns to his luxurious mansion where he awaits your sona beautiful adrianwith whom he has been married for almost 9 years and Paulie, who is celebrating a birthday, as stubborn as ever. They give him, among other things, a robot very extravagant with whom he ends up having a relationship in the style of the movie Her.

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Newspapers storm the scene led by “Russia invades American sports”. Ivan Drago (interpreted by Dolph Lundgren, The mercenaries) Y his wife they are the Soviet boxing and swimming champions.

In a Press conference reveal that they have come to fight professionally and suggest a match against Rocky Balboa. The media is quick to dub Drago as “The Siberian Express”a gigantic killing machine blond-haired and dumb as a wall.

Continuing with the exhibition of the new antagonist of the film, we are shown in a kind of space gym-laboratory (Capsule Corp style of dragon ball), full of machines with blinking LEDs, scientists and a lot of implausibilities. His manager (who also seems to be the Russian prime minister) reveals the bazookas that Drago has for arms in a “hostiometer” that measures the force with which a boxer can hit: a normal one would have a punch of about 320kg, but the Drago is 800kg… the tension is chewed.

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Returning to Rocky’s house, we find them at the table together with apollo creed which reveals his interest in fight against Ivan Drago even though it takes 5 years retired. Adrian and Rocky try to talk him out of it, but Apollo makes Rocky happy by making him see how jealous he is of him. Apollo wants to regain fame, to be on everyone’s lips again. In this way, she manages to convince Rocky to help her in this crazy adventure.

The fight is made official and at the press conference Apollo is so boastful and funny as always, but the Russians correspond with coldness and hostility. Drago still doesn’t open his mouth, always being his wife and his manager who speak for him. The spark flies and Drago’s manager threatens that the fight should not take place because Apollo is already old and he is not going to endure a fight against Iván.

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We arrive at the MGM in Las Vegas where Apollo will face Drago in a fight that has been tense since it was conceived… In the locker room, Rocky advises Apollo to delay the fight, but Apollo makes Rocky see that It’s not just a boxing issue, it’s a political issue, it’s USA vs. Russia.

Apollo enters the ring disguised as Uncle Samlike in Rockey (1976) and put on a great show. Dance, live music, pretty girls, lights and a lot of bravado. The ring sprouts from the ground, with Drago already in it. The opponents bump fists in greeting and Drago opens his mouth for the first time: “You will lose!”.


The combat begins and Apollo dedicates himself to dancing around Iván. Creed starts to drop some punchesuntil The Siberian Express awakens and destroys Apollo. with some blows that hurt us even sitting on the sofa. The first round ends and Apollo is already finished but he asks Rocky to don’t stop the fight “no matter what.”

The fighters return to the center of the ring and Drago immediately crushes Creed.

Apollo keeps landing hits like missiles until he’s about to die. Duke yells at Rocky throw in the towel and in the traditional dramatic scene of each installment, Apollo receives blows until he falls to the ground lifeless. With the audience and Rocky in shock, Drago utters his longest sentence in the entire film: “No one can beat me, I beat everyone, the true champion will soon fall. It’s dead, dead”.

At the funeral, Rocky pays his respects to his fallen friend and presents him with his championship belt.

Rocky wants to fight against Dragobut the Russians say that if they want the fight to take place, it must be in Russia since they have been threatened and accused of being murderers.

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Rocky comes home and Adrian asks him not to fight, not to go, to wants him alive… Rocky insists on fighting, he must avenge his friend.

Rocky gets in the car to de-stress and gives way to a very long and free scene of flashbacks from Rock I, II, III and even IV in an attempt to shock the viewer but rather it is a “let’s fill these 5 minutes with things already done”.

Rocky, Paulie and Duke travel to Russia and they are taken by some “law enforcement officers” to a farm in the middle of nowhere, all surrounded by mountains and nature, which Rocky requested to be able to train quietly and without the press.

Here begins one of the classic scenes of the saga but with a unique feature. Hated by some, loved by others, the training of Rocky in this installment has the peculiarity that does not have a gymIt doesn’t have weights and it doesn’t have machines.

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Dragon trains in a complex way, with state-of-the-art instrumentsdestroys his sparring partners and pricks himself steroids. Meanwhile, our hero trains by running through the snow, lifting and cutting logs, moving stones and all kinds of absurd exercises for a boxing training shouting “no pain” (since he could have perfectly trained in the USA and traveled to Russia to fight). In the same way we changed the race through Philadelphia to the top of the museum stairs, for ain a race, up the mountainup to the high peak, which Stallone does not scale even in his wildest dreams, much less running.


the night of the fight is already here and Rocky enters the ring between boos from the public and praise from Paulie. Iván Drago, renamed “death without remission” enters the scene accompanied by his team and under the applause of his people. The commentators emphasize that it is an unofficial match, the title of champion is not at stake. The opponents face each other for the greeting and with a chopped shot referring to the enormity of Drago, he warns Rocky with a withering blow: “I’ll kill you!”


The fight begins and Duke repeats to Rocky that “there is no pain”. Drago, without wasting time, hits Balboa hard, who is only able to hit back a few times.. Rocky continues to take hits until he falls to the ground; but he gets up only to be led into a corner to take more hits.

The second round begins with Rocky willing to make his rival lose morale. It is of little use to him, since Drago crushes him and throws him into the air. Rocky gets up and focuses on the face of his rival until he is thrown to the ground as if it were WWE.


The fight continues with short cutscenes as we watch the rounds progress: Rocky takes more punches than he throws. Rocky falls back down, but gets up and corners Drago. Balboa breaks his cheekbone, Drago is also human and bleeds. Rocky wins the eighth round and Ivan’s morale is low. Drago wins the ninth, the fight is very close.


comes the fifteenth and final assault. Russian audience cheers and chants for Rocky. Drago strangles the prime minister and loses all respect for his country. the italian colt seeks victory by knockout and connects a series of devastating blows against Iván. We live an intense and last assault where each one hits the other in a lethal way until, finally, dragon falls.


Balboain an admirable act of sportsmanship, surprises the public with a unifying political discourse where it implies that it is better that two people fight in a ring, than twenty million in a battle front.

Rocky has avenged his friend and has shown to an entire rival people the capacity for union, pacification and forgiveness that sport can give off.


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The Saga of Rocky Balboa: Analysis of Rocky IV (1985) – Movies, Movies, Trailers, Series, TV, Comics

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