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Greetings to our dear readers, today we we approach dangerously to the rocky saga finalewith the analysis of what, for me and many others, is the worst sequel of all: Rocky V. In her defense I will say that I have seen her again in two batches (which I do not usually do) and she has been less heavy.

Written by Sylvester Stallone and directed by John G. Avildsen this fifth installment is considered as the most disappointing sequel, by abandoning the formula of the previous ones and being the least profitable, due to its low box office receipts.

Again, we start with the end of Rocky IVwhere Rocky beats Ivan Dragofighting in Russia.

The new footage begins with Rocky in the locker room, after the fight, with a concern palpable because it suffers tremors, chills, a lot of pain and fears for his life.

Back in America his son, Rocky Balboa Jr. (played by Sage Stallone, Sylvester’s real son) greets him warmly. Then, at a press conference, still at the airport, some information about his health problems has been leaked and the press is curious.


All the rumors are denied and a character appears among the press who looks like a rich snob, george washington duke (played by Richard Gant), it is known that they could not think of any other name and decided to give him the same name as Rocky and Apollo’s former coach… This one is presented as a fight promoter and proposes a fight between his current represented Union Cane and Balboa, but adrian (Talia Shire) and Rocky imply that rocky has retired.

The main family returns home and we see Rocky as a daddy, playing with her son and tucking him into bed. Shortly after, the plot twist which changes the plot of the rest of the saga completely, Rocky is broke because of Paulie (Burt Young) who gave powers to his accountant and lost everything.

rocky son bed happy things

At the hospital, Rocky is diagnosed with severe irreparable head and brain damage and the doctors insist that he should give up boxing. Rocky wants to fight again to make money, get his status back and give his son the life he couldn’t have, but Adrian refuses.

Finally, rocky retires, goes bankrupt, they auction their house and their belongings and move into a modest house in their old neighborhood.

Rocky goes for a walk around the neighborhood and goes into his old gym, the Mighty Mick’swhere you have some flashbacks (but novel footage) in which his former coach, mickey (Burgess Meredith), says some beautiful words where he reveals that he (Rocky) is his only reason for living. mickey gives him a pendant with a boxing glove, which belonged to Rocky MarcianoRocky’s idol.


The next day, Rocky accompanies his son to the new school and warns him to beware of con men and hooligans. They say goodbye saying “we are a good team”. Meanwhile, Adrian gets a call from Duke (“the bad guy”) offering to be Rocky’s manager, but Adrian refuses.

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Later, back at Mickey’s gym, Rocky is startled by a big blond boy named Tommy Gunn. (Tommy Morrison) who asks Rocky to train him. At that moment, it appears Duke, who tries to manipulate Rocky offering to get his old life back and leave his current loser status, but Adrian (going back to work at the bird shop across the street) insists on turning down the offer.

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The rocky’s son is bullied at school, they beat him and rob him the jacket and the money.


Tommy insists that Rocky train him. and he makes a sparring demonstration where he crushes in a very violent way, to be a training, to his gym partner despite the fact that Rocky insisted that he stop.

Rocky agrees to be his trainer. and invites him home for dinner. Rocky Jr. prepares a surprise for his father, with an “altar” with all his boxing trophies, but Rocky is too excited to be Gunn’s trainer and pays no attention to it. his son, who begins to feel jealous and abandoned.


The film revels quite a bit in this idea of ​​the dethroned prince when they hit the son and asks his father to train him but he denies the request because he is too busy with Tommy. Another trainer from the gym takes care of the boy, while Rocky takes care of Gunn, who begins to take off in the world of boxing. winning match after match all by KO

Rocky Jr. beats his bully, retrieves his jacket and they become friends (this boy needs love but already, who becomes friends with his school bully). He tells it to his father who, again, he turns his back to train Tommy.


Gunn wins more fights and Duke “bribes” him with pretty girls, money and a new house, so that he leaves Balboa. At this point, the film picks up an absurdly fast pace where Tommy ditches Rocky for a similar way as Anakin abandons Obi-wan for Palpatine.


Rocky’s son has become the baddest in the neighborhood to get his father’s attention and Gunn eventually switches to Balboa as coach-manager.

Adrian opens her eyes making her see that Gunn not Who is needs you, if not your son. Gunn made him feel alive, but his family is the one that will always be there for him and he must get his son back on track.

It’s the big night Tommy “machine gun” Gunn (Olé by the translators) vs. Union Canecurrent heavyweight champion.


Gunn goes up to the ring between boos for having abandoned Balboa. Rocky watches the fight from the television in his house.

The bell rings and the fastest battle in history begins. Four fists from Cane, a flurry from Gunn and end of the fight by KO in the first round.

Gunn is booed and dedicate victory to Duke, disappointing Balboa. At the press conference, journalists humiliate him for having fought against a low-ranking opponent. They make you see that will never be like Balboa and they even make a hilarious comment about his wife’s playful activities…

Gunn is presented in the bar where rocky is taking something to organize a fight that ends up being an impromptu Fight streetthe weakest point of the entire franchise.


Rocky hits Gunn until he falls. and tells him that they should have been together, that he shouldn’t have left. gunn gets up and hits back at Rocky (and some onlookers) until he knocks Balboa to the ground.

Rocky has a flashback of his fight against Drago and he wake up for “one more assault”. They face each other and Rocky brings out his skills of capoeira, the madness continues… Rocky doesn’t stop taking hits until his son shows up to support him. The Italian colt takes the reins again and smash tommy. Duke threatens to sue him if he touches him and responds with a Ryu-style punch from street-fighter.

The nightmare is over and Rocky climbs the mythical stairs of the museum with his sonto whom he gives the Rocky Marciano pendant.

Finally, as this was supposed to be the last movie in the saga, the credits roll with compilation images of the whole saga


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The Saga of Rocky Balboa: Analysis of Rocky V (1990) – Movies, Movies, Trailers, Series, TV, Comics

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